Whoa…man, I’m a lucky guy. Now I can access the Moss Pace Figures to go along with the Beyers and the Tomlinsons and all the other confusing and superfluous information from the Daily Racing Form. Not fair, the Form is in competition with other information resources and must plow as much detail into its past performance lines as humanly possible – I understand. Mea culpa, racing buddies. Mea culpa.

But hear me out, dog (now where did I hear that line?). Picking winners isn’t a straight-line left-brained exercise. And if it were, guys like Andy and ‘Lil Andy and even our own Honest John would be better at it.

So how about a “dumbed-down” version of the Form for casual fans with limited analytical ability – like the “Metro” or the Palo Alto Daily News or the “Red Eye” of the Chicago Trib? Not a program. Not the same PPs that you get in the long version, but a new set of PPs that are reader-friendly. You know, a primer to the serious courses that lie ahead…maybe offered for FREE or at a lower price to help broaden the audience, increase the circulation of the long form Form and make things easier for the people who are out to the track for a good time but don’t have the time to do calculus?