Politicians do a lot of harm to people under the pretense that they have the publics interest at heart. It was predictable nearly two years ago that Gov. Eliot Spitzer and the New York Legislature would extend NYRAs franchise to run New York racing past its December 31 expiration date. Their own incompetence and inability to focus on racing as an issue has left the sport with time running out and no new legislation to help it along. The last ones the politicians will blame for racings demise in the state are themselves.

Meanwhile, ambitious groups such as NYRA, Excelsior, Empire Racing and Capital Play have been put through hoops to keep their bids alive. The prize must be mighty big for them to spend money like they are in order to maintain their intentions. But just what is the prize? The most recent rumors are that Saratoga and Belmont will be split into two operating entities and Aqueduct will be closed.

Racing fans have suffered enough. How long has it been in New York since the horses was the topic instead of mass confusion? People in elected jobs are out for themselves and not for the sport. Remember that.