Acrimony passes very quickly around the racetrack. Horsemen must act civil to management who must befriend disingenuous legislators despite adversarial viewpoints on crucial business-dependent issues.

Usually, when arguments are ended, everyone goes around pretending he likes everyone else, and peace returns to the operation. Nevertheless, the recent volley passed over the bow by Jeff Perlee, titular of Empire Racing Associates, the horseman-based group trying to wrest control of New York racetracks from NYRA, at Charlie Hayward, NYRAs president, might have residual effects that could result in an end that Perlee never imagined.

Its always been said that not all New York horsemen stand behind the Empire effort. In fact, one influential New York horseman, trainer Gary Contessa, is a principal in the Excelsior Group, competitors for the franchise.

Should NYRA and Excelsior hook up and prevail on the franchise, as Perlee has suggested, does this mean that Contessa ultimately will lead an insurrection of other New York trainers now linked to the existing horsemans group in New York to form a new one?