OK, here’s the way it is: Pricci’s busy, on the road he told me, so he asked me to sit in. Why not, wasn’t doing anything anyway.

Besides, you know what a, ahem, linear thinker he is? A real X and O, trendy kind of guy. Can’t wing it.

But I’m here today and gone tomorrow, you know, like everything else. So from time to time, anyway, I’ll fill in.

What’s with all the new faces around here?

Looks like everybody’s watching football, having parties, root, root rooting for the home team. Better than real life, that’s for sure, with the Tucson tragedy and all.

And better than watching the House of Representatives try to insure the last two years will have been a complete waste of time, ours and everyone else’s.

So if we can repeal the health care bill, we can probably tie up the country for at least another year, not do any real work, then try to win the 2012 White House Bowl.

Of course, the Senate won’t let it happen thereby assuring bipartisan gridlock.

Like the way the market has come back? Like paying $3.55 on the Island for a gallon of regular?

Thank God I watch a lot of TV otherwise I wouldn’t know there are no coincidences.

So how about those J-E-T-S Jets? Can there be anymore bandwagon jumpers around here?

No, I didn’t think they’d win either, but I wasn’t stupid enough to bet them up to -10, either. Gave them a puncher’s chance. Told everybody that.

Told them the Jets needed to play a perfect game, which they pretty much did. They wanted it more, won it the old-school way. Gave them a beat-down.

Did I make money? No. And I always bet the dog. But not if I don’t give them a good chance to win on the field. Otherwise, taking points because you think the number’s too high is amateur hour.

It’s like the racing guys who say this horse can bounce and still win. Yeah, like they know how high.

And BigFoot was going to out-coach The Genius, and The Kid was going to outplay Mr. Perfect? But they did and the win belonged to the fans.

The Pats weren’t pats-ies but they were pass-ive. Where was the urgency, right?

That’s on the coach, but give the Jet ‘D’ credit. And who knew that Sanchez would be the one to go 4-for-4 on the playoff road? But that’s a fact Jack and Jackets-ets-ets.

I have a vision. It’s coming… it’s a Jolly Green Super Bowl.

Just had a flashback.

Wonder how Santa Anita is going to play today? They added sand, trying to slow the thing down. It’s been supersonic but apparently not dangerous. Hope that’s the case.

A fast track does not have to be dangerous. It’s all about the maintenance. And sand takes a lot of moisture, so you can‘t be afraid to water the sonuvabitch.

Who’s gonna’ win this weekend? Don’t know. The NFC Championship is just a glorified black and blue rivalry tilt. Goofy things happen. Breaks win those games.
And the road team’s -3-½? That’s a lot of wood, pal. Take it from Gordon, never get emotional about a team.

Unless it’s your team. Then, you got a hunch? You bet a bunch.

By the way if any of you want to comment, go ahead. But don’t expect me to check every five minutes like Pricci does. Not happening.

I’ve got a life. He doesn’t but I think that’s the way he really likes it. Who knows?

He’s my friend and I’ve got his back. But I’m not tied to this thing. I say what I want, do what I want, when I want. That’s the best part of having an opinion with no portfolio.

My other problem is I don’t know what to do with the Jets. That probably have more skill, they’re on a roll, but this is a classic trap.

When they won last month in Pittsburgh, they needed to stop a two-game losing streak, the Steelers might have lacked the proper motivation.

Yeah, yeah, ya-da, ya-da, they didn’t have the tight end and they didn’t have Polamalu. And the Jets OL problems figure to catch up sooner or later, so, I don’t know.

Another thing. They called last week’s game the second most important win in Jet history after Super Bowl III.

So how are you going to raise to that level again? Yeah, I know, no let-down with the Super Bowl up next.

Here‘s some A-B-C type information: They don’t call it human nature for no reason. The recent win could be a bad thing. I’m just sayin’.

Meanwhile, the Yankees signed another big closer, a Soriano to set up a Mariano. And I’m thinking does that move Jaba one step closer to the starting rotation or to the curb?

“Wait a minute. What?!”

Just heard that you can do this if you want. You can go to Dallas, where they’re playing the Super Bowl in three weeks. Pay for your airfare and hotel.

If you want to go the game, since there are no seats, you can go sit on the grass outside the stadium and watch the game on a giant screen TV for $200.

How stupid do they think people are that they’d sit outside a building just to get a whiff of the atmosphere.

Stealing money from real fans that made them the biggest TV sport product ever. Sucks.

But now I’m smiling again. The Slap Chop guy just came on. “Making you cry, making me cry… If you act right now… fettuccini, martini, linguini, zucchini.” Beautiful.

Well this looks about long enough. Big guy’s back tomorrow, I’m out.