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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By Newswriter — Betting on horse racing is very common and people have been doing it for ages. It can be a fun and profitable activity if you understand the different aspects of betting and can beat the odds. Horse racing and betting terminologies can be difficult, but they are important to understand if you want to become a successful bettor. There are many horse racing bookmakers as well who offer tips related to betting. Let’s take a look at the different types of bets in horse racing.

  1. Straight bets (win, place, show)
  2. Win bets: You must select the horse that could finish first, in order to win.
  3. Place bets: You must select the horse that could finish either first or second.
  4. Show bets: You must select the horse that could finish either first, second or third.
  • Exotic bets

Exotic bets are of two types – vertical wagers and horizontal wagers. They require you to predict the precise order of the finish of a race in terms of who will finish first and second/ first, second and third or it could also be first, second, third, and fourth. They also involve a race to race parlays (between two and six races). They are one of the most intensive types of bets in the betting systems.

  • Horizontal exotic bets

They are basically parlay bets. In order to win, you must predict the winner of successive races before they begin. Daily Double involves the prediction of the winner of two races in a row. Accordingly, the next sets are Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6.

  • Combinations in Horizontal Bets

Bettors usually make more than one wager for individual bets. In a Daily Double, which involves predicting the winner of two successive races, you might pick number two. However, in the second race, it could happen that one, two or three are similar. You can opt for a combination like 1-1, 1-2, 1-3.

  • Vertical exotic bets

Vertical wagers involve the prediction of the correct finishing order of a race. It is of three types – exacta, trifecta, and superfecta.

  • Straight Exactas

You must select the correct order of who will finish and second in the race, in order to win.

  • Straight Trifectas

You must select the correct order of who will finish, second and third in the race, in order to win.

  • Straight Superfectas

You must select the correct order of the first four finishes in the race, in order to win.

  • Boxing Exotic Bets

It can be a very tough task predicting the horses in order which is required in straight boxed bets. However, there is an alternative in the form of boxing exotic bets. It is a type of strategy among several bets. Exactas, trifectas, and superfectas help the handicapper to pick the order in which horses will finish in a race. These bets can be either straight or boxed. In boxing bets, bettors get the option to box the order of horses. It simply means that horses do not have to finish in any particular order. The selected horses must either be in exactas (top 2), trifectas (top 3), or superfectas (top 4).

  • Quinellas

Quinella offers a lot of flexibility and can be used with either boxing exotic or vertical exotic. If you pick quinella, you must pick the top two finishers of the race. However, the exact order does not matter. A two-horse exacta box and a two-horse quinella can be considered exactly the same for handicapping purposes. One of the major differences between an exacta box and a quinella is the standard wager size and pools. The odds may differ if the exacta wagers and quinella bets don’t go in separate betting pools.

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