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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing



A: 10-Viggiedal (9-2) handy speed, drew off, out-well. 5-Complexion (7-2) huge gate speed, wrapped up win, Thoro-Graph’s fastest. 9-Long Neck Paula (8-1) big speed gate, pressed, drew off impressively. 3-Sherbini (9-2) handy speed, sharp move mid-turn, drew off late.

B: 2-West Memorial (20-1) competitive figure two back, Weaver profitable first-time acquisitions, JUL 2 work fastest of 14 peers that week

C: 1-Aoraki (8-1) potential trip sitter. 4-Slang (10-1) sharp improvement2nd start, exits live race.

HRI ON RADIO FOR SARATOGA MEET: Today and tomorrow at 11:00 am and every Friday during the meet, including special Mondays, we will be appearing on Rodger Wyland’s Big Board Sports talk show, as we have since 1985. ESPN RADIO 104.5 The Team

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11 Responses

  1. It’s Opening Day at the SPA, the most celebrated and anticipated Racing meet in USA. Looking forward to reading your coverage and selections during the meet.

    As your late great racing mentor Harvey Pack often said” May the Horse be with you JP.”

  2. Thanks so much for the well wishes T.

    And you’re right, on special days like this, Harvey is missed greatly.

  3. Up here for opening day John and wishing you and all your faithful a great Saratoga meet. This place doesn’t get old!!

    1. 161 years of racing and “it doesn’t get old,” I’m stealing that line, Stephen.

      Good job! Have fun, make money!

  4. The top prority is staying within budget and having fun. I plan to ride with John’s narratives each day as I head onto the virual highway keyboard, and am headed up to the Northway for the HRI FRA call each day. Now how is that for a sound way to maintain a budget? Riders Up and a good safe journey to all.

    A ten cent super on John’s “A” runners boxed today. If we get a scratch or two, down shifting for the TRI or EX. Thanks John!

    1. Sound advice and the pressure is on McD. You manage the bankroll, I’ll try my best to add to it.

      The races are competitive–typical Saratoga–but that’s where scores are possible. I too am “a lot for a little” guy. But straight betting is the key, IMO, and don’t ignore the place pool. Safe travels up the Northway.

  5. We win just by playing John. The money is secondary, so don’t feel pressured in anyway way my friend.

    1. Understood McD, but public handicappers always face pressure and the good ones deal generally with it the best way they can.

  6. It turned out to be a fantastic opening day Thursday; the masses stayed away for a couple of reasons. There was no problem getting a free table anywhere in the backyard. First, it was supposed to be sweltering heat, which was thwarted by potential rain clouds that never shot their load. Second, the unique nature of opening day was stolen by the 4-day June Belmont Stakes decision. Third, Democrats stayed home to watch re-runs of Biden winning the debate. Fourth, people just don’t have a lot of loose cash on hand. Speaking of cash, was disappointed to see that the NYRA has gone the way of the cashless society, and had to pull out a credit card to buy a pocket program that I dearly love. For those of us who remember when they were a quarter, I’m sure you know how well they went with the large newspaper version of the Daily Racing Form that had type large enough that you could read. Maggie’s outfit personified what a lucky man Tom truly is. Oh, and Andy Serling, the Brad Pitt of the NYRA was looking spiffy as well. Don’t forget the horses; what beautiful creatures God has made. And then there is Irad, a jockey who is beyond explanation for those of us who analyze based on empirical data devoid of the human factor. He improves a horse’s chances between 5 and 10 lengths in most cases; it is truly perplexing. For those exotic players, how can you ever leave him out? Bet winners people!


    1. TTT, thanks for your personal observations and agree in the main wit your analysis, the gratuitous Democrats statement notwithstanding. There is nothing funny about the times we live in. Absolutely right about Irad.

      Meanwhile Andy comparisons to Brad Pitt would be like confusing me for John Wayne. But it’s OK, attempts at humor always welcome–as are you Ted. Thanks for checking in.

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