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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By Keith Pettyjohn — As always, this edition of the Breeders’ Cup certainly was a great event but, of course, some races and performances stand out above the others. Some of these grades might surprise you. Take a look:

Breeders’ CupFuture Stars Friday

BC Juvenile: (B+) / Essential Quality 94

BC Juvenile Fillies Turf: (B) / Aunt Pearl 91
BC Juvenile Fillies: (B) / Vequist 90
BC Juvenile Turf: (B-) / Fire At Will 88
BC Juvenile Turf Sprint: (C+) / Golden Pal 84

Breeders’ Cup Saturday

BC Classic: (A++) / Authentic 112
BC Turf: (A++) / Tarnawa 111
BC Distaff: (A) / Monomoy Girl 104
BC Mile: (A++) / Order Of Australia 113
BC Sprint: (A-) / Whitmore 101
BC F/M Turf: (A++) / Audarya 107
BC Dirt Mile: (A+) / Knicks Go 109
BC Turf Sprint: (A+) / Glass Slippers 106
BC F/M Sprint: (A) / Gamine 108

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10 Responses

  1. Keith, one thing jumped out at me almost instantly. Not only did the Europeans clean our turf clocks–certainly not uncommon–but that there were four races that graded out A++.

    One was Authentic (even with the time adjustment I’m assuming) the other three were European turf runners. Scary thing is that they don’t usually send their very best, although some do specifically point to the BCup.

    I’ll say this, however. With the proliferation of grass racing in America, and with breeders looking for a greater share of the turf sire market, and to compete with foreign sellers, they are creating matings specifically to produce turf specialists. Ergo, U.S. turf horses might, one day, be the equal of turf Euros.

  2. Bits — Will try to find that replay and check it out but have two Docs today. As Bette Davis once famously said: “getting old ain’t for pussies.”
    Each jurisdiction’s stewards adjudicate differently. In NY, they let them play on, like in the NBA. Some precincts call ticky-tack fouls. I don’t know if that will ever change; different folks.
    I have nothing against race riding, you make the other horse prove he’s better than you–but no contact! \
    But I think we all know that in horse racing, like the NBA, or in life, the “Jordan Rules apply.

  3. McD — Glad HRI can be of service, we all need some distraction from the real world and there’s no better totally absorbing pastime than horse racing and the handicapping thereof.

  4. McD, Glad HRI can be of service as a pleasant distraction from real world and personal issues. There’s nothing more all-encompassing than immersing oneself into horse racing and the deep-dive handicapping thereof.

  5. What about it, Bits? I published my betting grid for both days, not my fault if you didn’t bother to go check the results from yourself. Need to know?

    Winning plays both days, enough for profit both days, no big scores but kept the wolf from the door. Withdrew money from ADWs to put into my checking account, plus, since You asked. Satisfied now?

  6. Thanks JP. What started to become an issue is no longer. Politics of the day had only accelerated my missteps, but I am passed it all now. The simple adjustment of switching to 0.5% NA beer worked liked magic for me. No change in lifestyle at all. T.G. for Atlantic Brewing. ( I couldn’t have done it with O’Douls.) Brake pedal moderation wasn’t working so well for me, as applying “get your mind right” risk containment. Hopefully I stay on track, and by sharing with “the faithful”, maybe I can help someone else.

    Managing my retirement accounts at Schwab and the HRI reads and follow ups keeps me pretty busy. I have actually been “killing” the markets of late, but doing so also in a risk off manner. Disciplined there as well to buying low and selling high. The market is so much easier than racing actually John. Doing much better even than when I was working full time. The stock market allows me to kick back some to the parish outreach. So many need help with just providing the basics. The fact that we are able to play a racing card show how lucky we all are.

    Anyone else with idle time on their hands after HRI, check into Hedgeye Risk Management. There is a ton of free information at Hedgeye University on the Hedgeye website as well. After starting with the free stuff, I can tell you I made back more than 50 times over what I paid for a subscription.

    1. However we can help. in some small way…

      They can’t always be winners, but can always be fun to try…

  7. KP,
    As I’m sure you’re aware, the DRF promotes its
    Beyer Figs by listing them for most stakes run each day:

    I re-sequenced your list of BC stakes below, ranking them
    by performance figure for comparison with the
    corresponding Beyer speed figures:

    BC Mile: (A++) / Order Of Australia 113 … 105
    BC Classic: (A++) / Authentic 112 ……………..111
    BC Turf: (A++) / Tarnawa 111 ………………….. 109
    BC Dirt Mile: (A+) / Knicks Go 109 ……….…. 108
    BC F/M Sprint: (A) / Gamine 108 ……….……. 110
    BC F/M Turf: (A++) / Audarya 107 ……….…. 103
    BC Turf Sprint: (A+) / Glass Slippers 106 …. ???
    Distaff: (A) / Monomoy Girl 104 …………………100
    BC Sprint: (A-) / Whitmore 101 ………………. 104

    BC Juvenile: (B+) / Essential Quality 94 …….…. 95
    BC Juvenile Fillies Turf: (B) / Aunt Pearl 91 …… 91
    BC Juvenile Fillies: (B) / Vequist 90 …………….…. 93
    BC Juvenile Turf: (B-) / Fire At Will 88 ………….… 91
    BC Juvenile Turf Sprint: (C+) / Golden Pal 84 … 90

    Too bad Gamine will never face Knicks Go!

    Those who thought Nashville would have won
    the BC Sprint might be surprised at the following
    Beyer figs for the two fastest six furlong races on
    BC Saturday:

    BC Sprint 104 1:08.61
    Perryville 102 1:07.89

    Perhaps you can explain why they assigned a lower
    speed rating to a faster time on the same day.

    Why are your figures and Beyer’s so close numerically?


    1. I, Keith can speak for himself. My guess is that they might start with the same baseline and some races will come up close, bot others don’t. Two or three point differential, might be significant. After that, I don’t know if subsequent key races mean anything, many people use that as verification of the relative strength of any race.

      Steve Crist, for one, doesn’t believe in the concept at all, he believes it to be coincidental. And that’s what makes the game great; we’re all entitled to free interpretation of various handicapping angles.

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