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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign Staff — Horse racing is one of the most popular sports around the world to wager on. It is arguably one of the easiest sports to bet on, as it often only involves trying to predict which horse will win or where one will finish.

Its popularity amongst betting enthusiasts has also grown because of how quick each event is and how often they take place. The sport is contested in most countries around the world, thus allowing punters to use online betting platforms whenever they want and find out if they have successfully made the right prediction within a matter of minutes.

What strategies should be tried?

While the premise is simple, obtaining a winner when wagering on the horses can be far from simple. There are no guarantees that a win can be achieved, but there are various strategies that can be implemented that can help to maximize any possibility of winning.

1.    The Dutching System

Arguably one of the most popular betting strategies to be adopted across horse racing, the Dutching system will see bettors place a wager on multiple horses competing in a single race, rather than just betting on one and hoping for the best.

This system is used to increase any chance of winning further, as a bettor is to have a greater chance. Of course, it requires more money to be spent, but if the right horses are backed, then any losses will be minimal as the rewards of the winner can be greater.

2.    Laying the Favorite

Simply put, betting on the favorite to win the race is the one strategy that almost everyone looks to use when wagering on horse racing. However, when you lay the favorite, you are betting against it to win. Many have adopted this strategy because statistics suggest the pre-market favorite only wins 1/3 of the races.

Laying the favorite does require some research, though, and is not just as simple as choosing to bet against the one that the betting site has listed with the shortest odds. There needs to be a reason not to back it. It could be poor form, or it could be based on track type or the ground conditions. Although it is important to remember that bookies will keep this in mind when setting their odds, they have no influence on how a horse actually runs.

3.    80/20

The 80/20 strategy has become one of the top betting strategies that advanced horse racing bettors have adopted consistently. It requires an individual to place a bet on a horse to win and to finish in a specific place. 20% of the bet will be placed on the horse winning, while the other 80% of a stake will be placed on it finishing in another specific place, such as second or third.

So many like to adopt this strategy because a lot can happen in a race at any one time. A horse may have a lead for the vast majority of the race, but if they start to tire as they approach the final stretch, other horses can gather momentum and start to pass it when it really matters as they have managed to bide their time. It happens so often, that many have decided to implement the 80/20 strategy into their betting methods.

4.    Follow In-Form Trainers

In order to maximize any potential success, it can be wise to follow the trainers who are in-form and can not do anything but win. Periods of success for some trainers often come in spells and once they get their first, many follow immediately after. They can be a lot like London buses, as one doesn’t come for ages, but then multiple arrive within a short period of time.

Bookmakers will recognize when a trainer or stable is in-form and producing winners, so it can be best to try and get in early when using this strategy to increase the value and profitability that is possible to be had.

5.    Each Way Betting

One of the types of bets that many horse race bettors know about – but do not always use – is each way betting. It is a strategy that can be extremely effective, as it offers punters multiple places in which they can still achieve a winner.

Bookmakers are starting to offer more places than ever with their each way betting to get more involved. In some instances, the biggest races with large fields could see a winning bet be paid when a horse finishes sixth or seventh when the each way method is utilized. It can be more expensive, and not always be the most profitable in the immediate present, but it can offer shrewd payouts over a sustained period.

Final Thoughts

The five mentioned are among just some of the best horse race betting strategies that are possible to utilize to try and maximize any chance of winning a wager. However, remember that applying one or more of the strategies is no guarantee of success and to bet responsibly at all times.

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