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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


Let’s start the Tampa Bay week with a personal horse to watch; the problem is there are two of them, the other problem is that they are in against each other. So I should just supply the race #, 5th, give the two names, Amando’s Team (10-1) and Food and Wine (3-1), say bet the longer price and that’s it?

That’s never a bad idea, but what fun would that be, so here goes: Food and Wine clearly is the more likely of the two. He’s dropping to a winning level, looms the controlling speed, and switches to turf speed-rating Castanon. But even though he has been risked for this price before, the recent bullet work bothers me. Claiming bait?

As for ‘Armando’, we’re still awaiting his winning effort on December 23 to reappear, getting there by finishing like a wild horse, very impressively, especially considering the class level. Jose Delgado is 26% at this meet and this young jockey is riding at a 15% clip-strong-and recently 2-for-5 for the barn.

Maybe I’m over estimated his ability, check the TAMPA BAY TODAY video for yourself and decide: TAMPA BAY DOWNS, DEC 23, RACE 7. Think I’ll play it this way.

Will bet Armando’s Team to win at 8-1 or greater, box an exacta with Food and Wine, and take that one on top with Armando 3rd and 4th in TRIs and SUPERs, with Bee Major (4-1), Time for Trouble (6-1) and Obiwan (10-1).

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  1. Don’t know of any serious horseplayer that would stipulate that the plodder must be 8-1 or more otherwise it’s a no-play except you, Mr. Pricci. Better hope that the plater wins at 8-1 ’cause if the exacta, tri, super, and whatever don’t deliver you won’t be to far in the red. Gotta admit, though, your due for one of these dumb bets to finally deliver a big score.
    The front page at this site still has many headers with no ‘lights’ (today only two); has to be confusing to many, especially newcomers – not a good impression for many.

  2. WMC, called into my IT people to find out more about the issue. I am sympathetic, but cost a consideration. Like any business these days, income was cut off at the knees in 2020, perhaps never to return. I can do what I can, but nothing more.

    As far as odds are concerned, it, like the selections themselves, are meant as a guide. They do not come with guns pointed at the head of bettors. Everyone needs to be an adult and evaluate for themselves.

    What’s a fair price for me might not be for the next handicapper. I’ve addressed this before but won’t again. Not a lot of spare time these days for a one-armed paper-hanger.

  3. Just went to place my wager and noted that Food and Wine, the early line favorite, has been scratched. I suspect that something approximating half the original guesstimate, 4-1, is in keeping with reality and is fair odds relative to chances of winning on best effort.

  4. The scratch works for me John as your exotics had me confused anyway. If Armondo was ‘wagered third in the suggested bet (Will bet Armando’s Team to win at 8-1 or greater, box an exacta with Food and Wine, and take that one on top with Armando 3rd and 4th in TRIs and SUPERs, with Bee Major (4-1), Time for Trouble (6-1) and Obiwan (10-1) also noted runners Bee, Time and Obiwan filling the second slot on the ticket where Armondo was third? Just curious for the next time you make a similar call. Not trying to break your shoelaces mind you. Me I’m wearing slip on Dude shoes any hoot.

    All good that you get another shot at “Food and your favorite Wine” on another day. With the IT rates per hour being what they are (my youngest son is a Google Engineer) I totally understand your not addressing as urgent a few lights not working on the web page. Thinking most adults can figure the headers out by scrolling the cursor over any target on the page I mean, I mean, a little Arlo G. here, I mean its in the same place on the board every single day is all. As you are indeed a one arm paper hanger, might I suggest a better use of your time in addressing customer service issues going forward by maybe only opening the complaint department one day per week. In doing so you can allocate more time to the subject of racing.

    God Bless. You are a patient man my friend.

    Safe journey and Riders Up:

    RACE 5

  5. McD: A website has to be maintained at all costs to attract viewers again and again. Not having all categories ‘light up’ does not present an ideal situation for a viewer; no different than street lights out on your street, or unkempt yards, or windows broken. You, I, and others who are familiar with HRI can accept the current situation, but such is not going to sit well with newbies who happen to visit the site.

    I understand that Mr. Pricci is now a one man band. But, first impression is so important. The opening page of HRI should receive top priority.

  6. Wendell, Thinking it best to express your concerns in a more positive vs critical manner is all. None of us qualify as new kids on the block, and I suspect John is already highly taxed in all of what he does to maintain a balance as credits and debits allow.

    1. McD, problem solved, worked something out with my IT people. Thanks for your understanding of reality.

      Thinking about making selections subscription only, what do you think?
      Also thinking about publishing a Newsletter, another subscription approach; some big authors already doing that, people at a level significantly above mine.

      That way, one need not put up with whimsical followers and younger people who don’t care to read anyway.

      Guess I’ll just have to upgrade my emoji game to keep the newbies engaged… BTW? Racing doesn’t attract newbies; they are all either sports experts or have their own algos for playing the races.

      If it weren’t for the intellectual exercise and creative challenges I enjoy, I’d be out of here quietly grinding out a small living in my den…

      1. Tough question for you regarding subscriptions John. I would be interested in purchasing a sub based on a ~$250 yearly expense. I pretty much am a pitching wedge type player, and follow the game for the enjoyment of it all. My biggest wagers (investments) are based on my subscription package with Hedgeye Risk Management. I know with their research I can pick my selections where I am pretty much the lone speed horse in any race, and I now have such a lead in the game that I’ll never be caught. Not in this lifetime any hoot.

        Like Johnnie Ruane with a four length lead out of the gate is all. Oddly enough the catalyst for my success was “cannabis” and I don’t even smoke the stuff. Peter Lynch who managed the Magellan Fund many years back stated that “if you want to know what stocks to buy, just look at what your kids are doing. What sneakers are they buying? It often is really just that simple” he said. I simply reveres his logic with demographics, and asked what are the old people up to, as my take is they’re the ones with most all of the money. On the internet, I witnessed the long lines at the cannabis stores across America and invested in the companies owning the stores. In Florida for example I loaded up on TCNNF (Trulieve Cannabis Corp) on my birthday last fall. Purchased at 17.02, today trades at 48.73. They own the biggest distribution centers in Florida and we’re still in prohibition. All I asked myself last fall was what were the “old people” up to (us, lol) Any who supplies them in Jersey, NY, Mass, Calif, and on and on. Cannabis stores are like Race Tracks, they are now all over the country.

        I don’t know if this helps you John, but I would support your going behind a paywall, as you indeed, also need to manage expenses for your family. Suspect that at least a few of your faithful following would appreciate the reality of the world we all inhabit. When the bills come due, the game of life simply reverts to “show me the money”. That goes for a pastrami sandwich with a slice of pickle on the side, and a cold Foster’s as well.

        Sign me up John Boy.

        1. correction…. the catalyst for my most recent success is cannabis…with the POT aspect, I can go a little higher on my subscription allocation. I guess on your end you need a number that will not scare too many away. I used to laugh about the “free” concerts over at Eisenhower Park, thought if they charged a dollar, half the crowd would disappear, lol.

  7. The lead page of HRI now looks fine; took many weeks to return it to its current appearance. Never understood why site appearance wasn’t top priority.

    If your open to suggestions, Mr.Pricci, I would emphasize what most people following Thoroughbred racing are interested in: cashing tickets! Not trainers (Baffert and Pletcher primarily) or blue bloods pointing to a two minute race the first week in May. I suggest a review of prior day racing where a few contestants appeared to run a terrific race and a few had trouble and would have finished better; such could be a column the following day for horseplayers (though there are few presently here at HRI). A review would be of the entire race card at one or two tracks, not just the stake races. Thus subject matter would return to what it is all about: pick’in winners!

    And I strongly suggest that you stop informing readers of your exacta, trifecta, and super picks as no ‘capper knows what plodder is going to finish second, third, or fourth – who’s kidding who? But, it is possible to determine the horse that figures to win.

    I spend much time watching replays which I find enjoyable and informative. Since replays have become available to me via my computer, my win percentage has improved significantly – replays are a most valuable tool for me.

    Well anyway, am glad you have finally corrected a serious image problem.

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