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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By Foreign Staff — On paper, horse racing and the NFL are two completely different entities. Horse racing is a performance sport where jockeys race against each other on the backs of their trusted horses. On the other hand, NFL is an American Football league wherein 11 players aim to score as many points as possible across a huge field of play.

Polar opposites, right? Sure, they’re different – but not as different as you might think! To prove this claim, here are a handful of factors that horse racing and the NFL have in common with each other.

Betting Culture

For decades, people have been placing bets on horse races. Just look at the Grand National horse racing event that takes place in the UK each year as an example; millions of people worldwide place bets on it! Even non-horse racing fans bet on the Grand National due to the fact that it’s part of the culture and widely accepted as harmless fun.

In a similar sense, the same applies to the NFL. Each season, millions of bets are placed on NFL games by both fans and non-fans around the world. Then, when the Super Bowl arrives each February, record numbers of bets usually get placed.

Remember, the Super Bowl 2022 has over 208 million worldwide viewers – and a large portion of these people placed bets whilst they were watching! If you want to, you can learn more about American Football betting by looking at these NFL picks.

Worldwide Following

There are hundreds of sports around the world. However, horse racing and American football have two of the largest followings out of all of them. This is primarily because they are two sports that are easily accessible to the public eye.

You don’t need to be a horse racing expert to understand what’s going on when you watch a race. The same applies to the NFL; it’s a case of two teams competing against each other to see who can gain the most points.

Both Compete on Grass

Another similarity between horse racing and the NFL is that both are done on a grass surface.

Most people don’t know the sheer volume of work that goes into maintaining horse racing fields and NFL pitches. If they aren’t properly maintained, they can lead to falls, injuries, and much more. This is why the groundsmen and groundswomen get paid well for doing their jobs!

Both Require Dedicated Training

Lastly, horse racing and the NFL require years – even decades – of training to get right. With certain sports, people have a natural ability. However, with horse racing and American Football, you can’t make it to the top purely on luck. Instead, you need to be dedicated to your craft and put in hours of training each and every week.

If you ever watch an NFL game, take a look at the shape that the athletes are in. They have to maintain a bulky physique; otherwise, they won’t have the strength to play. This is why most NFL players spend a large amount of time in the gym and maintain strict dietary regimes!

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