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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign Staff — Despite other sports having more viewers, horse racing has managed to remain a popular sport for fans to bet on. There are several reasons for its appeal. Consider:

Horse racing appeals to non-sports fans

Some people might argue that horse racing isn’t a sport, but for many, it’s vastly different to other sports. It appeals to a lot of people, even those who aren’t big sports fans.

It has the same level of excitement as other sports, but spectators make more of an effort to dress up for the occasion and have a full day out at the races, rather than just a couple of hours.

This encourages them to make bets as part of the whole experience. Plenty of websites make betting easier for those who have little or no experience of betting, such as Royal Ascot Bets.

People can appreciate the level of commitment

Most sports involve a lot of training, but extensive training goes into horse racing. Riders train for years before being able to compete at the top level and must build strength in their upper body and legs. There also needs to be a trust between the rider and its horse, so it’s not just a case of climbing on the back of any horse and racing.

This makes betting on horse riding more complex. Spectators can use this to speculate on which horse and rider will win. Even if the bet doesn’t pay off, knowing all this makes them feel like they have some level of control in picking the right horse to bet on.

The risks make the sport exciting

Although nobody wants to see horses or riders get hurt, it’s entirely possible they will. When placing bets, people know their horse might not reach the finish line.

It’s the near misses which build up tension, when the horse almost doesn’t make it over a fence, but just manages to leap across. Or when a rider almost falls but regains their composure just in time. That turns something which viewers felt was a safe bet into something less certain.

Quicker results

While horse racing meetings can last all day, or often over several days, the results of each race are quicker than many other sports. Each one is usually over in minutes, so anyone who has placed a bet will know whether they’ve won.

There is more excitement to be had because it’s possible to bet on all races. Each one will give spectators another chance to win. Compared to sports which might last a couple of hours, it doesn’t feel like a big loss if you lose out on one bet, because you have lots of other chances to win.

Horse racing may never have the same following as some of the bigger sports. Yet, it can appeal to people who like to socialize at races, enjoy a more elite sport and like the thrill of short races compared to one big sports match. That is why so many people love to bet on horses.

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