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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


HorseRaceInsider is proud to announce it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Keith Pettyjohn, founder of, to publish a weekly Making The Grade column, featured each Wednesday at HRI. Keith will review last weekend’s events and preview the coming weekend’s biggest races.

After years of study and with consultation with and inspiration from late handicapping legend and original thinker, Cary Fotias, Pettyjohn has produced a new service dedicated to aiding today’s horseplayer in analyzing North America’s best races.

The service has been designed to give horseplayers access to what will be a comprehensive source of reference in any horseplayer’s handicapping approach. Breaking new ground, Pettyjohn has created multi-faceted Class-Based Performance Ratings.

Although a plethora of speed and pace figures have been available to the general public for decades, Mr. Pettyjohn enters the scene with performance figures that will not only measure those factors but will assess them in tandem with quality of competition, or class evaluations for all graded stakes.

This revolutionary approach to handicapping finds the best horses in the best races the sport has to offer, something that puts this tool in a class of its own. As astute handicappers and fans have observed over the years, not all similarly graded events are created equal.

The impetus for the creation of Graded Stakes Ratings methodology represents a desire to further level the handicapping playing field:

“Speed and pace figures can be misleading by over or under inflation. This factor alone leads horseplayers to errant conclusions and their bankrolls feel the impact first. Liquidity matters,” said Pettyjohn.

“When you consider the influx of gaming dollars into purses, state-bred bonuses, etc., stakes races do not always include top-notch competition for the level.

“It became apparent that a rating system based on true class was needed to give horseplayers a better understanding of spot-on quality in each of those races.”

Graded Stakes Ratings is a comprehensive model that will provide greater confidence to handicappers in search of the most likely winner, “the best horse.”

Having access to uncommon knowledge and information that allows handicappers to have a competitive, strategic, and tactical advantage over the crowd is the proper path to betting value.

In addition to Keith’s Making the Grade weekly column at Horse Race Insider, rankings for all graded events can be found at Simply create a FREE account and begin using the ratings absolutely FREE.

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    1. Thanks CH, our constituents are the HRI Faithful, horseplayers and fans. We try our best, thanks for acknowledging. Stay safe…

  1. Here we go again. As you write ‘dedicated to aiding today’s horseplayer in analyzing North America’s BEST races’. And, again, I find myself wondering just what is a ‘best’ race for a gambler, err horseplayer? Since all horses in any race run within five seconds, from first to last, of each other doesn’t it seem almost an impossible task to try to analyze the past performances of the horses in any race? Aren’t factors like stumbled, rushed, blocked, taken wide, checked, et cetera eat up a couple of those seconds? Thus, if a horse didn’t incur a problem during prior races ran, will the horse win today? Maybe, maybe not. So, isn’t a ‘best’ race for a serious gambler, err horseplayer, a race, any race, where it appears that one plodder finally is placed where the chances of winning look good? The race could be a cheap claimer or a stake race. What’s the difference if placed correctly by the trainer? Aren’t horseplayers in this ‘game’ to cash tickets not watch a few owners, trainers, and jocks in stake races waltz to the bank while horseplayers usually cash tickets of minimal amounts.

    Reference to ‘best’ in the above commentary is obviously referring to only graded stake races, where few long shots win and payoffs are usually minimal why the owner, trainer, and jockey of the winner, plus usually all of the owners of the entrants, receive a handsome check for entering their blue blood in the stake race.

    Will Keith Pettyjohn make me rich (what think, Alice?)

    1. WMC, I know you have a point of view and know what it is. Why don’t you see what this looks like before you question whether or not it will make you money. Do favorites win 100% of stakes races?

      Dollars notwithstanding, does the fan or casual player want to know about the winner of the fifth at Penn National on a Wednesday and where he might race next, or does he or she want to know how well Maximum Security ran, or not run, this past Saturday?

    1. You’re Welcome. And you’re correct. The work that I put in over the years to build this program was tedious. But now it’s built and time to put it to good use.

  2. I liked the article.I’ve never attended a horse race, but, have always wanted to.My interest has been pique!

    1. TE, welcome aboard, HorseRaceInsider and the industry need you. We’re here to help. Sometimes we do, sometimes not to much. But for true horse racing fans, this never gets old.

      Mt Hollywood,FL based acupuncturist, Dr. Isaac Goren, told me that he treats many people from every walk of life but racetrack people have the more passionate about what they do then participants in any other industry.

    2. Well Tim we’re going to have to change that. We’re definitely going to have to get you out to the races so that you can enjoy it and see what you’ve been missing.

  3. This was such an enlightening and great article! It has certainly intrigued my interest in horse races. Keep up the good work.

    1. Wow, this is yet another new precincts heard from. Thanks you for checking in and hope you benefit from the new feature and in some way from anything else we try to accomplish here.

    2. Thank you KB. You’re only a hop, skip and a jump from Remington Park. And their season starts back up in a few weeks. We’re going to have to get you out there to experience it live. Thanks for reading the article and for making a comment.

  4. Great job Pettyjohn. I’ve always known how you love the horses. Loved the article, it’s all you. Keep up the good work.

    1. Well, Keith, you brought some of your followers with you! Thanks dividends already. Hope we can do some good for all of them. Thank you Edith…

  5. This was an excellent article. It was very informative.
    I am looking forward to learning more. Keep up the
    great work.

    1. Another newbie and apparently newcomer to horse racing, I’m stunned by all this, welcome aboard Ethel!

    2. One thing about this game, we’re always looking for new people. Especially those who are willing to learn.
      As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

  6. I look forward to further exposure to Mr. Pettyjohn’s work. I definitely like his concept of assigning a performance-based grade level to a race independently of TOBA politics. Perhaps JP’s visual skills can be utilized to translate impediments and beaten lengths into accurate performance figures for starters other than the winner. A paying customer should not have to attempt that task.

    Still waiting for measurement of a horse’s velocity at any point in a race.

    1. I,

      Velocity-paced figures are above my pay grade; think Brohammer does something on that, can’t remember off the top of my head.

      Mr Pettyjohn does a lot of video work himself and race times are done independently to verify accuracy. His trip observations are incorporated into his figures–also above my pay grade how.

      But we plan to consult with each other on that, a work in progress. But his figures are his, I only will consult if asked.

      Funny, I was thinking about the graded stakes committee, too, as I wrote the description from what Keith told me. I’m curious myself…

    2. I’m looking forward to providing information that comes from a unique perspective. Hopefully, it shall unearth some winners for you that you might not have readily arrived at. As well as, some board-hitters with lofty odds to complete your exotic wagers.

      As far as The Graded Stakes Committee….well, they might not like me too much when they see some of the grades that get assigned to some of their races.

  7. Mr. Pricci: You are correct, a fan, a casual bettor, and I wish to add a fifty-cent bettor or dime bettor could careless about a race at Penn. National and would be interested in Maximum Securities’ performance; however, a gambler, err serious horseplayer, would be very attentive to any and all races at Penn. Nat’l as they are into this ‘game’ to make money and know that any race anywhere at any level can offer value.

    I find Mr. Ed’s interest in a horse’s velocity interesting when one second equals five lengths and all entrants usually finish, as mentioned previously, within five seconds of each other. How does anyone analyze one second, or two seconds?

    Sure hope Mr. Pettyjohn’s analysis of a race will finally lead me to the promised land.

    1. As do I Den, the ‘Sheets’ had the biggest effect on odds from a handicapping perspective, no doubt. My hope is that this will be different with a fresh perspective that most of the crowd wouldn’t utilize.

  8. Congratulations to you and Blessing on your new Venture, knowing that you put enormous amounts of energy into developing your formulas, praying much success

  9. As a casual race fan…i have very little understanding of the differences in how horses compare on a wet track or if a horse is a pacer makes any difference but it will be exciting to see how Keith’s analysis provides a better understanding of how all these intricate aspects of the horeses performance teaches me ro pick a winner! I do know Keith has spent years studying and analyzing every aspect of horse racing…looking forward to see his weekly reflections and predictions!

  10. Thanks for your vote of confidence Arana, I’m sure Keith appreciates it as well. Wow, can’t believe the response on the first day. Thank you all!

  11. Learning of Keith Perryjohn’s past connection with Cary Fotias has me excited for you John. You have been shouldering too much of the workload of late in flying solo at HRI the last few weeks. Hopefully this exciting new partnership will allow you more time to relax and enjoy life with your better half. (I hope Toni puts you to work right out of the gate in the kitchen John Boy. Food prep or cleanup after John? It’s about time Toni gets to share her workload as well. You wanna eat, you gotta work. Them’s the rules, right Toni.)

    Speaking for myself, I oversee the floors and bathrooms at my “Levit Estate” at present. “You wanna eat, you gotta work.” “You want money for the late double and a six pack, get the floors cleaned first.” I’ll wager you learned all of this way back at Bishop Loughlin. We all gotta do what we all gotta do. No stick ball until your all your work was done.

    Excited? Sure! If I start making a buck or two with Keith Perryjohn coming on board with this new venture, I may even be able to contract out the bathrooms. 😄!

    Stay Safe 😷!

    1. I’m insulted McD. What makes you think I don’t do the food prep and cleanup already? And BTW, prepare some meals. Asked Richard Migliore how to deal with bitter eggplant. Told me salt for about an hour, rinse off, pat dry and cook. Down here, and in some precincts in New York, the Pricci House Salad is legendary, just sayin’.

      Do have a confession to make, though. Never really was great behind the grill when I lived on the ‘GIsland.

      1. Pass the cala”mary” John Boy. Insulted? With your thick skin? I ain’t buyin’ none of that crap. Grab a mop my friend. You’re just jealous over the fact that I’m Irish and I have more vowels in my last name than you do. Besides I married “I”talian. C A V A G N A R O. I shorted it to Cavatelli.
        O L D M A N M C D O N A L D E I E I O. That’s the way they typed it out on my draft notice any hoot.

        All the best on the new venture. Have a feeling your best days are still ahead. You ain’t gettin’ me to quit.

        P.S. Italian Foreplay? “Hey, rollover.” Andiamo with the vowels.
        Now that just might get me a few days in the new penalty box they’re building over in Elmont. No wonder I can’t get of the damn latrine duty detail. Feel free to edit me out.

    2. REALX??? Oh no, there will be NONE of that.
      I will be calling him…OFTEN!!!
      I will be texting him…OFTEN!!!
      I will be emailing him…OFTEN!!!

      If ever there was a time for him to “REALLY” get to work, it’s now

  12. Another tout tinkering to convince gullible neophytes to use their credit-debit cards.Best of best races? You mean probable favoriites.! What,no one can read the PPs?Liquidity…Will you all experts show your Real ROI in all of your selections?And no cheating with the real numbers? Of course not! Until that day ,if it ever comes,why don’t you just keep those secret angles to yourselves,Pettyj and Pricci ?PS: Why are you still carrying Berner and Jicha names on? Didn’t they leave you for good?Reality bites..Boloney walks.

    1. Verbal garbage and unexplained hostility from a cast wannabe of Guys and Trolls.

      Too bad you can’t express your opinions less offensively to elicit meaningful discussion about some of the points you raised.

      1. Thanks I, I’ve got this, it comes with the territory. If it didn’t, I need a new line of work.

    2. Paul Revere? C’mon, Donald, is that you?

      Why are Berner and Jicha still listed? Because they are professionals who, IMO, did great work. That’s why they were here in the first place. Readers still might want to read what they wrote, and they can write again if they had a mind to. They didn’t leave me, they left the game because they thought it was futile to keep trying to fight the good fight.

      They will be listed here until they tell me otherwise.

      And speaking of reading, you must have missed the part that said FREE. I used all caps for that reason. Oh well, hater’s gonna’ hate.

      Have a nice day

  13. Just registered. Username McD.

    P.S. Bologna makes a nice sandwich. And America was named after an Italian. Just saying, looking forward to the bologna this weekend. Boars Head please.

    1. Perfect timing, McD; getting dressed in five minute to make senior shopping hours down here. Cold cuts are on the list, Always Boars Head, except for prosciutto, mortadella and swiss, must be imported…

  14. My father was a trainer at Portland Meadows and he used to take me to the track. Even though I never perused horse racing, I have watched Mr. Pettyjohn put in years of hard work into building his program. It’s going to be very exciting to see what becomes of his hard work and what comes out of this partnership. Good luck to you both

    1. Thank you for sharing Mr. Patten; I’m as excited to learn about this as you are.

      I only know that the concept is sound and took several years to beta test, so I’m going in optimistically with an open mind.

      Might even be able to contribute in some way…

  15. Before I found and became a true believer in figs, class was an important factor in my early handicapping days. This is very interesting concept but if Horse A ran a 3 in a Grade 1 and Horse B ran a 1 in a Grade 2. I’m betting Horse B. I believe class is determined by how fast and competitive a horse is. Good figs will identify class in each horse.

    Maximum Security ran first out in a Maiden Claimer and won the Kentucky Derby. What does that say about pure class?

    I’ll be following Mr. Pettyjohn’s work. Good luck with the partnership.

    1. Thanks Tony, philosophically I agree, but your example is too neat, what if there were not a 2-point spread but say a half-point in your example, everything else being equal, my lean would be to the Grade 1 horse.

      But this is the spirit I was hoping for; horseplayers learn from each other–good and bad…

      Think you’ll agree that value on the “fastest figure” is difficult to attain as everyone has some idea of who they are no matter what product they use. So having a figure that is not yet mainstream could be AN answer, as there’s never THE answer, which keeps us all coming back.

      Thanks again…

    2. Maximum Security ran first out in a Maiden Claimer and won the Kentucky Derby. What does that say about pure class?

      Good question. However I actually don’t think that, that race says anything about his class. I think that it speaks more to Jason Servis and his inability to accurately assess this horse. Afterall, he put him in for a $16,000 tag. Luckily for him he wasn’t claimed. Maximum Security didn’t know that he was on-sale. He just knew that he was in a horse race and all he did that day was win by almost 10 open lengths. And oddly enough he wasn’t even favored in the race. He was third choice in a MCL $16,000. And the last tidbit on this story, the horse went thru a yearling sale and nobody wanted him.

      But I see that you’re a Sheets guy and obviously very knowledgeable. I shall look forward to comparing notes and information with you

  16. Loved the Article! I have been to a few horse races in my time but still not understanding them yet 😄 So proud of Keith for being so determined to get this together. It takes time and patience to follow your goals and you have done that !!! Well wishes my friend.

    1. Well there it is Keith, time and patience to follow your goals. Thanks LaSheena, and Keith, for giving us all something fresh to think about…

    2. Thank you very much for that. We’re going to have to get you, KB and Arana out to Remington Park. And we’ll have to get you guys to pick winners using data versus horse’s names and the colors of the jockeys silks. (LOL)

  17. Gutless old man, you deleted my input. Did not like questions such as who is KP,how long has Graded xyz been around and what is its record of being correct,profitable and so forth? Only a dozen or so visits on that site in over 3 months ? Image is not everything and neither is senile BS !

  18. I deleted nothing and, sorry, I don’t engage with nonsense. Any startup venture needs time to establish a following. But why do I bother to explain?

    Your next venomous comment will be deleted out of respect for my new relationship. I have vetted Mr. Pettyjohn and am satisfied with his credentials and that’s what matters to this website.

    Why not establish your own site. With all do respect: Who the hell are you, brave guy, hiding behind a pseudonym?

    And you know what else? The hairs on my neck just stood up, so get lost and do my readers, with whom I often disagree with respectfully, a favor.

    If you have nothing meaningful to contribute, find some other chat room’s time to waste.

  19. Congratulations great article keep up the awesome work. I don’t play the races, but this is a really great information on horse racing gaming and the performance for players, that will be around for a while given the opportunity to review the rating seem like a great tool that will be utilized.

    1. Euphoria, we’re all looking forward to a novel approach to the greatest game played outdoors. Can never stop learning in this business, thanks for checking in.

  20. Mr. Pricci: I guess it is nice to have a website where you can be judge, jury, and executioner. This site seeks commentary, in fact it needs commentary. You allow a contributor to use a pseudonym (Indulto) and commentators (most) use pseudonyms. To write ‘Who the hell are you, brave guy, hiding behind a pseudonym doesn’t sit well with me. If a commentator writes commentary that you find beyond the rules of engagement then simply say so to the person without adding inappropriate comments .

    1. wmc,
      Your hypocrisy appears to be overtaking your repetitiveness.

      After scores of your own posts decrying my use of a pseudonym, here you are criticizing our host for doing what you are perhaps best known for. LOL

  21. Your point is well made, Wendell, and I should have taken the high road. But starting the day with someone who, as far as I know, commented for the first time two days ago–unless it’s someone who created another account–and intimated that I am a liar, pissed me off , and I overreacted. My apologies to the HRI Faithful.

  22. Wax on, wax off. Better to be pissed off than pissed on John Boy. I don’t seem to recall you initiating too many fights over the years, save maybe your coming to the defense of a certain NY trainer who pissed off too many of the well connected 1% asshats in Kentucky and NY. Not the working class of Kentucky or NY mind you, but the behind the curtain power brokers. Anywhere there’s money to be had behind a closed door you will find them. “Close the door, and F ’em when they’re sleeping” is all. Thankful we have HRI to counter some of it.

    Stand your ground John Boy and keep up the good fight. I support a Pricci admiration day for your sharing your thoughts. Thanks for the honest yeoman’s effort you extend us most every day. Twitter and HRI both. I too would love to see a changed world. In support of Wendell and Indy as well, I will invoke WMC’s recent one word closing counsel. Vote.

    Curmudgeons count. West coast Bartleby’s count. We all count. We only need respect each others rights, and unite on what is really important to be pissed off about. We revert to small change psedonym spats, while many fight for the very basic right to vote. Time to change our world is all. Open things up and let’s just make it fair. Either that or take a knee. Enough already.

  23. I’m with you McD but God knows I don’t do this for praise, only to supply a platform for a respectful exchange of ideas. Yes, open it up: #Transparency

    But shut down the country, now. The economy, e.g. 32.9% fall of GDP Friday, will not recover until the curve is flat. Lethally stupid people are in charge. Yes, something that you and WMC can agree on.

    Vote, by any means necessary!

    1. “Lethally stupid people are in charge.” ??? I’m only going to step in here regarding these political rants to stop the complete nonsense. If people would wear masks, keep a safe distance and stay at home when sick, then most of the country could be open for business of all kinds today.

      Slightly off-topic – but not by much – the renewed Coronavirus outbreak in Kentucky has me believing that the September 5 date for the Kentucky Derby is in serious jeopardy. Do you honestly believe that Churchill Downs will run the race, as scheduled, either without spectators or with a greatly reduced crowd, if mandated to do so by Governor Beshear ???

      I agree – VOTE – but I will not support the hideaway, basement candidate from the Democratic Party.

      1. And I’m only going to say that voting for an indefensible traitor who idolizes a despot that puts bounties on our servicemen, whose non leadership has helped lead to 150,000 dead Americans, and who sends uninvited, unidentified storm troopers into municipalities without their consent or tear gasses–VIDEO SHOWS–peaceful protestors is Lafayette Square for an upside-down fake Bible photo op is a vote for fascism over democracy. It’s no more complicated than that.

        As for CDI, even without fans–which will cost tons of revenue–they will need Oaks and Derby Day off-track handle after posting 2ndQ losses of $118, but using that opportunity to warn everyone that the 2021 Arlington racing season is in serious jeopardy and the property WILL BE sold in the very near future already has pissed off many in the industry. Canceling the Derby on the horsemen after they and tracks have altered their schedules is unthinkable–although it is pro-Derby weekend, anti-racing, casino loving CDI we’re talking here.

        Sorry about the political rants but there’s just more important things than horse racing going on in the country now. It’s my duty to try to make a difference by any means necessary while the First Amendment still means something.

        1. The spewing in the first paragraph above is beyond unconscionable, in my opinion, if you truly care for this country. I’ve seen no evidence of bounties on servicemen. Just how many more Coronavirus deaths would have happened if the borders with China and Europe weren’t closed swiftly and the nation hadn’t shut down post haste ??? We may be witnessing some of the fastest action ever in medical history with numerous companies involved with a Covid-19 vaccine and significant emphasis placed on testing. “Storm troopers” wouldn’t be needed if elected officials would simply take charge back in their cities. “They” were trying to get rid of President Trump before he even took office. I’ll stop here . . . for now.

          We agree on most racing issues, thankfully. I doubt that Churchill would cancel the Oaks / Derby weekend because it is the prime bread-winner for them, even without spectators. Postponing these events, however, – especially if they are instructed to run without fans on September 5 – is another story entirely. This is all about the money and how CDI can get the maximum amount of it from their customers, for the benefit of their shareholders.

  24. Mr. Ed: In the many years here at HRI I have always found your comments well written and mellifluous. You certainly have a strong grasp of the English language and I rarely had difficulty understanding you message. We, of course, never agreed on much. Your comment directed to me above, for the first time, has left me nonplussed. I simply fail to comprehend what you are trying to tell me.

  25. Mr. Moore: Do you really believe that Mr. Biden is hiding in a basement? You are mimicking exactly what President Trump has been trumpeting for months.

    1. WMC, he’s hiding in his home. Whether it’s in the basement, garage, living room, it makes no difference. I’m looking forward to the day when he answers serious questions from serious reporters- you know, the type that President Trump and his administration officials receive on a daily basis. Chris Wallace has an open invitation for the former Vice President to appear on his Sunday program on Fox. We’re waiting for his appearance . . . quite anxiously, I might add.

  26. Mr. Moore: And, I am waiting quite anxiously for the first debate between Mr. Biden and the president which the White House will, no doubt, find a reason to cancel.

    1. WMC, The White House will be delighted to hear from Mr. Biden. He has plenty to inform all Americans. Maybe he’ll invite DJT to Wilmington, DE for a conversation or two or three.

  27. Mr. Moore: How do you know ‘the White House will be delighted to hear from Mr. Biden’? You work there?

    1. WMC, no. Just my hunch that President Trump is looking forward to the day when he can discuss the issues with the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, Mr. Joe Biden. Mr. Biden is seemingly in no hurry to talk to anyone outside of his inner circle of Delaware-based media members. Doesn’t that fact alone give you pause for cause and say “What’s he hiding ???”

  28. Mr. Pricci: I have never asked you to do this (no, Alice it is not political) but if you have time would you please review the fourth race today at Saratoga and advise if you noticed a flagrant foul which neither the jock or the stewards seemed to want to object too or review. I had no bet on the race, just watched and was totally aghast that Saez didn’t object.

    1. Answered this privately but was remiss here. No doubt the leader tightened it up on the trailing horse on the rail at headstretch but that horse was feeling the least bit of pressure himself. The more salient point as that the “Bothered” horse made his own trouble when his rider asked him to go into a spot that appeared was lacking room to do so. There is not another camera to better display that angle unfortunately. Tough choice, but thought the stewards got another one right.

  29. In my opinion, Mr. Moore’s defense of the Trump Administration is misgudided, but to his credit, his comments have yet to degenerate into the use of offensive language or personal attacks.

    However, his reasonable demeanor strikes me as a component of political ju-jitsu intended to flip the justifiable outrage of Trump opponents into appearing unreasonable.

    Indeed, viewers of the 2020 presidential debates need to see a Biden under control and capable of deflecting the antics of the incumbent who I suspect will set a new record for falsehoods uttered.

    I wonder how many Republicans have made up their mind to follow John Bolton’s lead and write-in another Republican’s name instead of voting for Biden.

    1. Indulto, my comments will never be offensive towards any of the HRI Faithful or our esteemed (or is it “a steamed”) Executive Editor. Please call me out on it if it ever happens.

      I have never seen any President receive this much criticism and lack of respect – and it all began right away when he shocked the world and won the 2016 election. You threaten to clear the swamp before taking office and find out very quickly that the swamp residents want no part of this game. It is doubtful that any other U.S. President could withstand this degree of close scrutiny, manipulation, dirty tricks and an alarming number of disparaging, hate-filled comments. The leftist, tilting Press completely brow-beats the man on a daily basis- the CEO of the country !!!

      It’s easy to criticize actions after the fact. Name anyone – in either Party – that suggested closing off travel from China before President Trump ??? None that I’m aware of. Yes, the man is brash, takes umbrage when attacked, responds in kind on Twitter – many characteristics that make him quite unpopular with the other side. Yet, he’s accomplished quite a lot in 3 1/2 years – and much of it was promised before he was elected.

      I’m waiting for Mr. Biden to address many issues regarding his past and we’ll see how he handles himself. The next tough question he takes in any press gathering might be the first tough question that he has to answer.

  30. Apparently Covid-19 is a joke and is not to be taken seriously. When it hits the family tree, the jokesters won’t be making or writing asinine comments.

  31. TTT

    “Oh well, hater’s gonna’ hate (John Pricci above).”

    After reading your diatribe above, think you need a trip to the bathroom and take a good long look in the mirror.

  32. “What’s he hiding” works both ways. How about we just start with taxes or maybe emoluments when in office? Now there’s some enlightening bathroom reading.

    All in all I made a few bucks yesterday off Broadway John and Petty-John’s analysis, but I still can’t believe I blew Race 10. Instead of identifying the ###### Stakes Wendel, I’ll just say all four legged contestants and call it race ten. Any hoot, I let the tri with Echo slip out of my hands. I had the first three of them boxed in my mind all day, and then let the board and the talking heads walk me off Shoplifted onto Three Technique. Mostly with the board I guess. Had I only bet earlier in the day. Had a freshman year algebra teacher back just shy of sixty years removed who always said “Go with your first analysis and answer the question. Don’t changer your answer as most often your first answer will be the correct one.” Live and learn. Next time, I look only at the physical impression (excess sweat, keyed up, etc.) only to see who might be tossed and don’t let high odds scare yourself off. Keith, you had Asmussen covered so well. John’s analysis as well. Like Batman and Robin. Next time. Unless I can get a mulligan?

    Back to the serious stuff, oh yeah, his tax returns. WTF (fractal) is up with that. He gets a pass on explaining his taxes? Do you?

    1. McD, Congress could pass legislation requiring the release of complete financial information for all candidates of the top office. I’ll comment on emoluments when I see some concrete proof, not a pile of hearsay and innuendo from the extremely unbalanced and totally biased media that continues to bash our CEO at every opportunity.

      1. And isn’t that the problem right there? He’s not the CEO, he’s POTUS, making it about the people and their lives, not him or profits.

        If he were a CEO, he’d be fired by now.

        Never mind a 33% drop in GDP 2nd Q, 10% overall. Never mind ignoring scientists and making masks a political issue, all the distractions for nearly four years.

        It’s about 150,000 dead Americans because he is bereft of ideas and “takes no responsibility”–his words. How much “proof” do you need? You talk of bias? What do you say about a man too stupid to know that this economy will improve only when COVID has been flattened and the country open slowly, methodically, with testing and tracing.

        Why do I waste my goddam time with people of bias? I’m as stupid as he is. The difference is that I recognize my shortcomings!

        1. John, I’ll try to keep my cool and offer a reply.

          If you shut down the country, then 2nd Q GDP would have dropped by much more than 32.9%. Would you be satisfied then ??? How about a 92.9% decline ??? You would have no horse racing, little outside activity whatsoever and be holed up inside for virtually 24 hours per day.

          Doesn’t it make more sense to open the country and maintain strict rules on masks, social distancing and hygiene that the CDC and other medical authorities recommend ??? In some extremely high-risk areas, where the hospitals have been totally overwhelmed, there may be no other choice then to close down.

          John, I have not initiated any of these political messages. Not one. I simply respond to the ones that I strongly disagree with – which includes every one of them coming from you and the rest of the radical left.

          Besides TTT, I’m not sure that anyone else out there in the land of HRI believes that you’ve gone far, far over the edge. That’s my conclusion. If there are any others, here’s a golden opportunity for you to speak up loudly and be counted . . .

          1. Mr. Moore,
            It is my perception that this country was formed by the “Radical Left” of its day.

            We fought against an oppressive government headed by a king then which generated misery, fear and hatred, among many if not most citizens/residents in the colonies who did not enjoy wealth and/or political status.

            Today a majority of citizens are opposing a government headed by a would-be monarch who wants to dispense with voting rights for those likely to vote against him. He is supported only by members of his own political party, some of whom benefit to an unprecedented extent, and control an unconscionable portion of the nation’s financial resources.

            That the party of Lincoln has degenerated into a conglomerate that places self-interest above the common good is clear to most people who watch the spread of COVID-19 consume lives and drain the economy. That the President and his administration present an obstacle in conquering it is beyond obvious.

            We are fighting a deadly enemy with hands tied by a suspected disturbed President who thinks he can say anything he wants to no matter how divisive, dangerous, or untrue because he is enabled by members of his own party in the Senate.

            Technology and communications have changed our economy and our role in the world, but IMO they shouldn’t weaken our historic values and commitments to our own self-defense as well as to our once-trusting allies. I once thought that was a Republican conviction as well.

            So when the John Priccis and Stephen Colberts of the world aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, and do so in entertaining fashion, I applaud them.

  33. Indulto, that was quite a message. Thanks for sharing it with us. I would have clicked on the red Reply button at the end of your message but it didn’t appear this time. Maybe that’s an indicator that I should conclude my end of the conversation ??? Nah.

    While I don’t disagree with everything you, John, Colbert and a pile of radical, disgruntled individuals who feel that they were cheated out of the 2016 election and wished to immediately reverse the result, it’s clear that we can each review the Past Performances here and come to different conclusions. HRC looked like a runaway winner in 2016 while deciding to use the current Joe Biden method to the extreme. Surround yourselves with friendly media only, don’t answer any tough questions and basically shut down your Presidential campaign near the end when it looked like a Presidential victory was assured. The resulting Trump triumph was simply overwhelming to the Democrats. “They” have wanted him out of office from before the inauguration. “They” opined to keep investigations going down dead ends in the hopes of finding something conclusive to bring the man down. Nah. That didn’t work out very well but the resulting distortion of facts the Dems and their media has fractured the country for many years to come.

    Once again, I didn’t start this portion of the political commentary. I responded to messages that showed a distinct bias against President Trump, presented an agenda to immediately run him out of office and has continued non-stop through today.

    I applaud John for his bold work with the HRI website. The racing commentary is top-rate. I’ll also be cheering when John presents a political opinion in an “entertaining fashion”, even when I’m roughly 179 degrees away from such a leftist viewpoint. Do I ever expect to see “entertaining” comments on the events of the day on this website. Nah.

  34. Richard, I’m afraid I see nothing entertaining about the state of the country these days and will keep the tone civil, as you suggested. I’ll do so by asking you two simple questions that should make your position perfectly clear to all. A non-response will be interpreted as a NO.

    So, Please, a yes or no answer to two questions.

    1) Based on what we know as of Sunday evening 0802, should schools be made to open their doors per usual?
    2) Should face coverings and social distancing be mandated nationally?

    Thank you

    1. John, thanks. You are correct in stating that there is nothing “entertaining” about this discussion. I simply put the word in quotes and commented on it, as the word was previously used by Indulto.

      The answer to both questions is Yes (within reason and exercising full prudence). It’s not a Yes for every section of the country and exceptions will apply.

      Certain jurisdictions (such as Albuquerque, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, among others) will not realistically be able to open as scheduled. They might be delayed for weeks or months; may need to resort to some combination of in-class learning and on-line classes. One example could be a staggered schedule where students attend class 2-3 days per week and go with distance learning for the other 2-3 days. Maintain safe class sizes would ensue. That might also mean Saturday classes could be conducted. There is no one size fits all response to this question. I could not provide a broad-based No to Question 1, under any circumstances. I believe that probably somewhere around 80% + of schools could be opening on time. It’s really up to local authorities and our State leaders to make the ultimate decision.

      Question 2 also should be Yes in most circumstances. Social distancing is recommended everywhere; Face coverings should absolutely be mandated throughout most of the nation.

      1. Thank you for being honest and reasonable–not that I ever thought you dishonest. But I don’t understand the equivocation, in “most cases”, “certain areas,” “sections of country” etc., etc.

        Do you not believe this plague is a national/world wide problem that doesn’t respect borders?

        Agree that a staggered school schedule would be best. But the common denominator of these “carriers” are the teachers, many of which have made living wills. This is a doomsday scenario and I don’t believe this view to be hysterical.

        What about their lives and those of their families? And what about the parents still lucky enough to have jobs?

        I find it ironic, and in all respect, that equivocation on these matters have a veneer of political correctness, a talking point for this administration and its followers.

        I guess the nature of many humans is an incapability to get along–not at all suggesting that observation frames this discussion. When I’m not angry, I’m terribly disheartened.

        1. You proposed two questions which were neither Pass / Fail or of the strict True / False variety. This virus is very real and needs to be administered with real solutions – some of which may need to be altered down the line due to changing circumstances. The approach, in my opinion , must be multi-faceted, flexible, subject to change circumstances and not of the “one size fits all” solutions.

          Where schools decide to open in certain districts, vulnerable teachers may not be able to attend school and teach classes. They may become administrators, offer online teaching, take a leave of absence, retire, enter a new field, etc. There’s a vast array of possibilities. Would I wish to direct the school district in Pullman, WA (just pulled this one out of thin air) to open against their wishes, if it’s not safe to do so ??? Absolutely not, but is there some other way to do this properly ??? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, either. A solution that’s applicable in Arlington Heights, IL (selected on purpose because that’s the location of Arlington Park, another newsworthy topic ) may also work for Pullman, Buffalo, NY, Columbia, SC and hundreds, if not thousands, of other jurisdictions.

          Closing down the U.S. was meant to be a temporary, short-term remedy and not something applied long-term. Masks, social distancing, proper hygiene all have their place. Serious outbreaks occurred when people gathered in clusters at beaches, parties, big groups in restaurants, didn’t give two hoots that this was serious – and now we pay the huge price.

          Let’s say that U.S. does come to a grinding halt, beginning tomorrow. What has to take place for the country to be restarted ??? Does the virus need to be 100% eradicated, do we tell the rest of the world to stay out because they should have shut down, too ??? We worry about GDP, unemployment figures, the size of the deficit – and it’s all too convenient to say we should have closed everything – and then moan about the horrific impact on our economy.

          I could keep writing all day. That’s how complicated this pandemic is – even for the smartest individuals on Earth, who can collectively solve just about any problem that arises. What happens when the vaccine is developed and people refuse to take it ??? The list is endless. We could come up with 100 situations to need to be addressed, John, just between the two of us, and there will tons of others that we miss.

          I just hope that we can put the partisan politics aside – fat chance – and have our leaders from both aisles get involved in determining our fate. Stop point fingers, placing blame on anyone and get to work. Like right this instant !!!

          1. Agreed, I only pray it happens soon because the window is closing. Lord & Taylor, 200 years old, Chapter 11. Wearhouse for Men closing 450 locations? It’s getting later by the minute.

          2. Well-stated, Mr. Moore. I agree with you re: the following:

            “Serious outbreaks occurred when people gathered in clusters at beaches, parties, big groups in restaurants, didn’t give two hoots that this was serious – and now we pay the huge price.”

            “Stop point fingers, placing blame on anyone and get to work. Like right this instant !!!”

            If only the President could/would lead the way rather than encourage the opposite.

  35. John, part of my rationale for opening the country – where possible – is to save these businesses. Shut everything down and these brick and mortar operations are doomed. Most malls and restaurants have to be on the verge on extinction. I’m hopeful that one or more of these vaccines actually work and that they get approved and distributed ASAP.

  36. I’m of the opinion you take a two week hit and slowly begin reopening. Scattershot hasn’t and won’t work, IMO. Vaccines, yes, as long as the FDA isn’t rushed into approving because of political pressure.

    Need to get back to my day job…

    1. Thank you, John and Indulto, for your comments.

      In the back and forth of our political discussion, I failed to welcome Mr. Pettyjohn to HRI. That oversight is now corrected.

      Wishing everyone some horse racing fun and lots of nice winners !!!

  37. What, me worry? The POTUS commented ‘it is what it is’. If Covid-19 gets embedded in your family tree just purchase some Hydroxychloroquine, some bleach, and a light bulb, as the virus will simply disappear. Relax, go golfing.

  38. Well, if there’s anyone who can bring excellence to the business, it’s Mr. Pettyjohn. If he’s in it, it’s to win it-that’s just how he rocks!

    Without question, he’s a well-studied, focused and knowledgeable Go-Getter’s Go-Getter and if there’s any good success to be gained, he’s one to make it happen.

    👏 Bravo 👏


  39. Congratulations Keith! I meant to comment a couple weeks ago. I don’t know much about horse races, but am sure you will provide the best of what you offer.

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