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By Nicole Hardy, Special Writer — Do you have a passion for horseback riding, and are you considering taking it to the collegiate level? Joining a top colleges equestrian team can offer you the perfect blend of academics and equestrian excellence. These teams provide exceptional training, competitive opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for horses.


Balancing academic and equestrian pursuits can be a challenge for those who engage in both. Utilizing an academic help website to write my research paper or essay can help you manage your academic workload while you focus on your riding goals. Here, we highlight seven of the best colleges equestrian teams that you should consider as you plan your future.

1.     Auburn University Equestrian Team

Auburn University boasts one of the top colleges equestrian teams in the nation. Their program is highly competitive and has won multiple national championships.

Training and Facilities

The team enjoys access to top-tier facilities, including both indoor and outdoor arenas, which allow for year-round training. The coaching staff is dedicated to developing both novice and advanced riders.

Academic Support

Auburn University provides robust academic support, helping you balance your assignments and homework with your training schedule. This makes it easier to excel both in the classroom and the riding arena.

2.     University of Georgia Equestrian Team

The University of Georgia’s equestrian team is renowned for its strong performance in national competitions. Their program emphasizes teamwork, dedication, and excellence.

Training and Facilities

Riders have access to top-notch facilities, including spacious barns and multiple arenas. The comprehensive training program covers various riding disciplines.

Academic Integration

UGA offers excellent academic support services, ensuring that you can effectively manage your studying and equestrian commitments. This integration is key to maintaining high academic standards.

3.     Texas A&M University Equestrian Team

Texas A&M University has a prestigious equestrian team known for its outstanding achievements in national championships. The team is part of the university’s rich tradition of excellence.

Training and Facilities

The facilities at Texas A&M are among the best, with extensive resources for both training and horse care. The coaching staff is both experienced and committed to the development of riders.

Academic Excellence

Texas A&M supports its student-athletes with a range of academic resources, including tutoring and study sessions, helping you stay on top of your schoolwork.

4.     University of South Carolina Equestrian Team

The University of South Carolina boasts a competitive equestrian program that has earned national acclaim, renowned for its strong performances and supportive community.

Training and Facilities

With top-tier training facilities and experienced coaches, the team is well-equipped to help you reach your full potential. The training program is rigorous and thorough.

Balancing Academics

USC provides extensive support to help you balance your assignments and riding commitments. This ensures you can achieve academic success while excelling in equestrian sports.

5.     Oklahoma State University Equestrian Team

Oklahoma State University’s equestrian team is a powerhouse in collegiate equestrian sports. The team boasts a history rich with success and is supported by a robust support system.

Training and Facilities

Riders benefit from excellent facilities, including large arenas and well-maintained barns. The coaching staff focuses on developing both technical skills and competitive strategies.

Academic Resources

6.     Baylor University Equestrian Team

Baylor University’s equestrian team is known for its competitive spirit and strong performances in national competitions. The team fosters a supportive and motivating environment.

Training and Facilities

Baylor’s facilities are top-notch, providing everything you need to train effectively. The coaching staff is committed to assisting you in reaching your peak performance in the sport.

Academic Support

Baylor offers comprehensive academic support, including tutoring and study groups, to help you keep up with your homework and riding schedule.

7.     University of Tennessee at Martin Equestrian Team

The equestrian team at the University of Tennessee at Martin is an emerging force in collegiate equestrian sports, celebrated for its commitment and competitive achievements.

Training and Facilities

UT Martin provides excellent training facilities, including well-equipped arenas and experienced coaches. The team focuses on both individual and team development.

Academic Balance

The university offers robust support to help you balance your academic and equestrian commitments. This ensures you can excel in your studies while pursuing your riding goals.

Choosing the right college equestrian team can significantly enhance your collegiate experience, offering you the opportunity to excel both academically and in equestrian sports. Each of these seven teams provides exceptional training, top-notch facilities, and robust academic support to help you succeed.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting, these programs offer the resources and community you need to thrive. Take on the challenge and follow your passion for horses, all while fulfilling your academic objectives.

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