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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


We’re looking to score out in the best possible way; a lot for a little. For smaller ticket players, the investment will cost $12:

In the Pegasus Turf, we’re taking all three horses exiting the Fort Lauderdale over the course; Channel Cat (10-1), Instilled Regard (10-1) and Admission Office (30-1) plus Without Parole (4-1) from the B C Mile Turf.

Most Probable Winner: Without Parole. Price Shot: Admission Office.

In the Pegasus World Cup, using, from the inside out, Higher Power (6-1), Mr Freeze (20-1) and Mucho Gusto (7-2)–odds line pre-scratch of Omaha Beach.

Most Probable Winner: Mucho Gusto. Price Shot: Mr. Freeze.

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14 Responses

  1. Expert analysis, JP. One two with MG and MF. Bob Baffert, in front and drawing away. Irad is on one hot streak. A lock for the Hall of Fame, down the road. When is Mucho Gusto’s next start? Buried this field.

  2. C,
    Mr Baffert was on a conference call with the media post race–assistant Jim Barnes tightened the girth on the road trip, per usual, and if the subject came up, I didn’t hear it. But you’d have to think they’d consider Dubai as long as he trains the same way into that race. It’s not like he was disgraced when he finished second to Vino Rosso in the Classic. And, by the way, like Dubai, no Lasix yesterday.

  3. Finally!

    The two Pegasus races are over and a handful of owners, trainers, and jockeys fattened their bank accounts. To me the two races with obnoxious purses didn’t look any different than the other ten races on the day’s card. Have ya’all been noticing the pools lately? I didn’t think so. Well anyway, the exacta wager is now surpassing the win bet in money wagered. And the pick five and pick six are attracting huge wager amounts – 50 cents does wonders. What I find interesting, though, is the P5/P6 usually involves several claiming races. Yup, those lowly races involving claimers that are skipped over by all who report on Thoroughbred races. But they are getting the attention of P5/P6 horseplayers. So, what does purse size have to do with it? Is the wager the real attraction or is the thoroughbred the real attraction? Hum.

    Oaklawn Park is not open. People drive many miles to Hot Springs to sit inside Oaklawn’s casino and ‘work’ the Instant Racing Machines while live racing is going on outside. Seems they prefer the fast ‘action’ of the IRMs to watching nine races over several hours outside.
    And what is ironic the purses of the racing outside is funded by the profits from the IRMs inside. And, I’m sure most of the races being displayed on the IRMs are claiming races. Is the wager the real attraction or is the thoroughbred the real attraction? Hum.

  4. Love ya’ WMC but we’ve been here and done that on this topic. Sorry, no time to engage on this again…

  5. T, thought she’d get hung out to dry from post 12. Instead lead and rail before reaching the backstretch. No easy game, this…

  6. Did not have The PPs lines but i get a ,continual,kick out of those who ‘pick’ horses on the ‘show’,that is they almost automatically pick the top two three favs as if anyone who `s watching it ,either for the first or thousandth time, is learning anything from these stiffs.Even the present NYPost just like the stand – in to Russ Harris in the old NYDaily News keep that lazy,shameless legacy..John Piesen used to do the same.One more annoying thing about these televised races is that there`s no showing of any exacta chart which is one of my fav. things to do when betting horses,both harness and flat. Is that Too Much to ask ? When i used to copy the consensus of public handicappers` picks i made sure i kept the ‘Trackman’ picks added to the total because even if they would win less then the Harris` or Pricci`s selections it was a bargain addition to the usual favorites…. Just showing a race or two in an hour or more is not enough besides ‘personalities` gossip’ fillers..We already have too much of that and viewers need more factual numbers besides odds and post positions..Even my semi blind dog Luigi can see that ! Comparing to Cable`s 300 plus stations that seem too many but not really enough because many are repeated over and over again and make me wish that we only had a dozen of good,informative and entertaining ones [ instead of fly fishing,Alaska`s bush people,Wives of…600 lbs life,,.]..Also, At the betting parlors do we really NEED a 9 to 11 racetracks program ?DRF at $ 9,would it not be a better bargain,better seller, if it only had major tacks at ,let`s say FIVE BUCK$ ? Who needs,cares on the east coast, about those late evening ,minor tracks in ‘parts unknown’ and from Australia? Haven`t bought a copy in over a year and don`t miss you ,Watchmaker and co.,, we wish could do the same with my $ 220 monthly cable rip off ,but my handicapped wife would lose ‘her friendly personalities’,as she calls them.Happy wife,,,,,.Picky husband.

  7. $11.00 on track for DRF. Free to members of Player’s Club. ‘Friendly personalities,’ good one. My mother loved Lucy (Lucille Ball).

  8. Want to grow the gambling part of the business? How about better and free past performance information?

    1. Am I among a minority who misses the old “sports eye”? Never liked the track programs of yesteryear. Rarely bet every race. So, again, what’s the use of a “handicapper” if that person only does is selecting ml favs ?yes I know that they might win one third of the races and with second, third choices is 50 % or more but isn’t fun trying to hit a double digit #? This ain’t Wall Street!

  9. Ya’all know that Churchill Downs management has banned the Daily Racing Form’s past performances from their tracks (doubt most know it, Alice)? Why, ’cause DRF is an ADW hub in competition with CD.

    Mr. Pricci, I can’t think of a subject pertaining to the Thoroughbred industry that you and I have not bantered many times already. I don’t expect you to reply to my babble; what I wish I could achieve when commenting is to keep HRI going by gaining readers and commentators. Many former commentators are no longer contributing, I hope not from attrition.

  10. Appreciate the concern WMC, and I’m not being sarcastic. Thank you…

    Hey, we’re offering more than we used to but I can’t make anyone like something they feel they can live without.

    The current game chased my partner away and we worked together in racing for about 40 of our 50 years.

    Maybe former commenters walked away, too; tired of super trainer domination, overall poorer quality of day to day racing, the high cost of wagering, etc. etc.

    It is what is…

  11. I strongly disagree with the reasons you wrote above as to why ‘former commentators walked away’. Super trainers can be bet, thus you cash; ‘overall poorer quality of day to day racing’ is your opinion derived from years of covering only the top-tier stake races and scorning lower level racing dominant across the country; and ‘the high cost of wagering’ seems a far reach to me. The sole reason I believe is that pick’in winners has gotten more difficult, with favorites failing to deliver, and people following racing are simply tired of losing having been sucked into the numerous exotic bets for fifty-cents and a dime.

    You should have mentioned the phantom geeks with their last minute bets and the whales who have access to the pools the conspiracy theorists expound.

  12. Not true, WMC.

    Back in the day when I was still in college, $5,000 claimers, the lowest class rung in NY, were predictable and held their form well when spotted properly.

    It was a time when horses ran every two or three weeks–before the Lasix era came to NY. When breeders bred to race, not to sell.

    As for the rest of it, we can, without acrimony, agree to disagree.

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