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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign Staff — Horse race betting has been taking place all around the world for a long time. Now with the advancement of technology, you can even bet from home while sitting enjoying the comfort of your couch with the help of online sports betting sites such as Novibet.

If you find the whole process of horse race betting confusing and want to know exactly how you can place your wager on horse races, we have curated this complete guide for you! By the way, we are sure you will have some great betting odds at Novibet. So, do check it out after learning the process below! 

Head-to-Head Betting Excitement

All Horse Racing Betting Jargons Busted

Learn about all these horse racing bets to stay one step ahead of everyone looking forward to betting and winning on horse races.


This involves betting on the horse that will cross the finish line first.


In this, the bettors must identify the horses that will cross the finish line in first and second positions. 


This bet involves predicting the horses securing the first, second, and third positions correctly.


This bet involves picking a horse who will win the race.


For this, the bet involves two horses for increasing the bet amount. 


It is a hard bet to crack yet is extremely popular. The winning potential increases if the number of horses increases. 


This bet is for bookmakers to refund their stake in case the horse is not able to win the race however, completes in places. The price for this bet is relatively lesser than the bet for a horse winning the race. 


Each way betting on horse races has 2 bets. These include first, the winning horse and second, for the horses that finish the race in places. Also, for this bet: remember that the stakes are doubled.


It is the modified version of Each Way bet. In this bet, the bet is placed only on the horse that finishes the race in places. 


In this, there are only 4 selections: 1 treble and 3 doubles. In this case, if only one out of 3 selected horses win, you lose, however; if two out of three win, you make some profits.


This is the next-level version of Trixie bet. In this, there are 7 selections made: 1 treble, 3 singles, and 3 doubles. In this case, there are minimum chances to lose since even if one out of the 7 selected horses wins, you make some profits.  Here, you calculate the stake by multiplying by the given number of lines.


The best of all bets, Yankee, is for selecting 4 horses. In this, 11 bets are made: 1 four-fold accumulator, 6 doubles, and 4 trebles. Just like Patent, here too, you calculate the stake by multiplying by the given number of lines.


For all those looking for a risk-free betting option, matched bets allow you to use betting exchanges or free bets for covering race outcomes which ensures some of the guaranteed profit.


In this, all the wagered cash is sent into one central pot and all the winners get their respective share from that total money. 


By now you must be aware of all the popular bets that are placed on horse races. Read about all the bets in this guide to stay ahead of the curve and place wagers quickly. You can also have a look at the smart betting tips guide to learn about some of the smart tactics that increase your odds at winning the bets.

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