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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign Staff — Some horse breeds are valued at millions of dollars. The price depends on the thoroughbred and the number of victories in sports competitions. Only a very wealthy person or someone who has won a jackpot in can afford such a beautiful and noble animal. Here are four of the most expensive racing horses.


Free and proud breed of horses bred in North America. Their original purpose was a fast ride over long distances. They have a short back and long strong legs, which allows the horses to reach speeds of up to 50 kilograms per hour.  A distinctive feature is a shiny and thick mane. The price for one foal can be up to $30 thousand.

American Trotter

This breed was bred in the USA in the first half of the 19th century. Kindness, courage, cleanliness are the features of this breed. The traditional colors are dark bay, black and red. The horses have a powerful build. The body is lean with rounded ribs. The horse has a very straight and strong back. The chest is excellently developed. The breed is divided into three lines. The cost of the foal from a trotter-winner on the races reaches $40-50 thousand.

Arabian Horse

It is one of the most ancient and expensive horse breeds. A full-grown horse costs a few million dollars. These horses are notable for their regular and thick thin build. The head is straight with a long beautiful neck. The croup is straight and the tail is set high. Traditional colors are gray and bay. Arabian horses are long-livers. The animal lives up to 30 years old. Mares breed to a ripe old age, producing strong healthy offspring. The character of the animal is obedient and loyal.

Thoroughbred Horse

The breed was bred in England specifically for racing. It is considered the fastest horse in the world. It’s an extremely valuable breed, the foals are sold only at auctions. The cost of one ranges from $ 5-10 million. They have thin bones with sharply protruding tendons. The muscles are dense. The legs are long and very powerful. The hooves are strong. The breed lives on the average up to 20 years old, requires special conditions of maintenance and ration. It’s characterized by an energetic, independent temperament, well amenable to training.

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