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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


Plantation, FL, September 2, 2022 — We are back in front of a keyboard for the first time after 3-1/2 days of travel hell–you don’t want to know!

Could the timing have been worse? Probably not. I missed the Kentucky Downs lid-lifter. Have seen only two races–from Saratoga this week as of Friday morning.

The fastest horse in the world runs tomorrow at Del Mar. The Jockey Club Gold Cup. The Hopeful. The NFL and College Football? You’re kidding me.

Oh, Meadowlands is back…

Haven’t written a word post-Travers. But the handicapper feels somewhat vindicated and I’m happy for the horse. His potential finally erupted.

It will not be timely–or early–per usual. But we’ll catch up. Please be patient, we have little choice with only two hands and one slightly used brain.

But slept in my own bed Thursday night; feel refreshed and ready. We’ll handicap the major weekend events, per usual, a little behind our personal schedule but in plenty of time to get your bets down at Saratoga, Del Mar, Kentucky Downs and Gulfstream.

With the help from Meadowlands Handicapper Dave Brower, early doubles at the Big M this weekend.

And to the people who help us keep the lights on, a little forbearance, please.

Happy to report after Covid, Day 31, finally feel something like normal. And the $10,000 worth of damage to our VW Beetle Turbo repaired expertly by Rich Magnell of Superior Motors just over the Saratoga city line on Maple Ave. in Wilton.

So, how was your August?

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5 Responses

  1. My August ? The only thing worse than the oppressive heat was my dismal handicapping.

    “Haven’t written a word post-Travers.” Sometimes, NOT writing is the best course of action.

    PATRICK LEAHY: You are one of the most prolific writers I have ever seen. And having spent a good part of the month of August in Vermont reading your writings, there were days that I wished you had perhaps not been so prolific, and perhaps days that you wish the same.

    ROBERT BORK: I share that sentiment, Senator.

    SAR 2022: 31 for 106, minus $486, minus 23% ROI

    Wagers for SAR 02SEP2022 (Day 37)

    Race 1 – $20 to WIN on YOU’RE MY GIRL
    Race 5 – $20 to WIN on CLASSIC COLORS
    Race 10 – $20 to WIN on MEDIA SENSATION

    1. Yes, Dan, but it’s nearly two months of entertainment for the price it takes to bring a family of four to a Yankees game. So there is that…

      1. If I lose every wager in the final 3 days, my ROI for the meet will come to a mere minus 29%.

        Ain’t this game great !

  2. Your traveling itinerary reminded me of when I drove to Long Island. Driving overtired in the ‘small hours of the night”, I missed the Goethals bridge exit ,ending up near Newark Airport .Some 45 minutes later i was on the bridge of Exit 13[ do not ask me how i got back on track, I don`t remember! } and it was a relief getting to the Verrazano bridge, leading to the Southern State Parkway. Finally! I got to my destination at 5 am, after stopping for coffee/Bagels and rinsing my face again. Anyway, some two weeks later i got notices from three states, PA, NJ, and Delaware. I guess that my EZ Pass did not have enough funds left. What Still Bothers Me is that NJ charges a $50 ‘Administrative Fee’, even for a lousy $ 2.50 pass that i could not pay, because when i got to the toll Plaza, NOBODY was there to collect the $$!! $ 50 Fee for a $ 2.50 Ticket ? Delaware charged me $30 for a $16 infraction, again, NOBODY was there! How are drivers supposed to pay IF by the location and lane where it says CASH ONLY Nobody is there to collect??? Did not pay the $ 100 ‘fee’ for two tickets, writing a long, angry note [longer than this ‘Shpiel”!!] After two months, no response yet. I guess nobody reads any complaining notes. What the “F” do these people in overpaid cushy jobs do, besides telling each other stories about when they re going to retire and go on vacation? I worked for a county job. I know how much they slack off…

  3. I’m waiting for a bill on tolls now–0though my daughter told me that if you go through the easy-pass lanes with EZ Pass, you will pay the toll with a small fee attached.

    I was uniformed-stupid probably more like it. I thought my Florida Sun Pass was enough but I learned different states have different rules. Will LYK how that all turns out…

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