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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing



Keys to Victory

1.   Undefeated since blinkers added

2.   Handles any footing; ideal spacing

3.   Big improvement at trip in CD finale

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4 Responses

  1. So its’ Riders Up” once more today. Maybe we get some sun to take away some of that excessive water left on the track from yesterday. Maker thought the off going might work for him with the prospect of the front end speed tiring the pace setters and all, but it was like his charge was full tank unleaded gas, and he needed some 93 octane as they entered the turn. He came up short is all. Maybe next time.

    My late comment from yesterday, I am posting once more for any not seeing it Tony would understand the joy of it all.

    “I can’t stands it no more Olive, I simply can’t stands it no more” complains Papa Popeye McD. “Is the Saratoga magic carpet ride grass and dirt carousel ever going to dry out?

    On the positive, (from yesterday’s post) my two year old grandson Griffin, whom I call “The Grifter”, just took his first big boy poop on his small boy private poopster seat yesterday in his home base reading room. Prepped for the occasion all by himself, first off with the diaper in solitary, and the rest was an “unannounced and unassisted event”. Should have had a racing form in there for him. The results were right up there with any Breeders Cup race I would add. Awesome! Changes everything. Frees up all those diaper city dollars that Procter and Gamble was taking from me in my helping out with offsetting some of the daily diaper charges and added Pamper City expense. More pocket money for the track and pastrami now Wendell.

    The other grandson Everett, whom I call the Rooster, as he’s always up at the crack of dawn each day,. Just turned six, he also had a good story line out of late when visiting us on the East End of L.I. last week. When spotting his Dad jumping out of the shower when getting ready for the trip back home, he surprised his Dad by simply asking quite innocently, “Hey Dad, I was just wondering, how come your weiner has a beard?” Now that is a major league LOL.

    Too good not to share with Toni and the I-Man out West. I hope I exit most all of the HRI crowd with a smile on their face.

    Riders Up once more we go. John Boy has another one posted for today. Starting with a clean slate and Pamper free, Peace Out, McD

  2. Let’s hope that sunshine dries it all out. Not having the best Saratoga ever but not even a third of the way home in this marathon meet. First Captain the fave, is the most likely winner, but Harvard has talent, upside and connections and I recognize that because, like Fredo, “I’m smart, not dumb like everybody says, and I want respect…”

    Good trip, safe journey to all.

  3. Two bucks ex box on Fredo and two to win, on the 3 _Thinking he said Saratoga but it might be Suffolk Do see bywns. Thinking that was how Beyer paid for Harvard, can’t see the damn keys at the beach

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