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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By Top Turf Teddy — The “Worst Stinkin’ Bet of the Day” will be in the 6th Race at Churchill Downs at 8.5 furlongs on the grass.

Over the years, there are “things” that you notice, that you never seem to question.  When you get older, many of us have more time on our hands; more time to think, and these “things” tend to come to the forefront in your mind. 

What does this have to do with the 6th Race at Churchill Downs you say?  Absolutely nothing.  Don’t push me I’ll get to it.  The non sequitur bad habit is something I picked up from a few of my leftist buddies.

Have you ever noticed how few dead heats are identified by the stewards for win, place and show, compared to 4th place (on down)?  Check out any copy of the Daily Racing Form if you do not believe me; won’t dazzle you with statistics on this; don’t have any; besides, I don’t run that kind of operation. 

No reasonable man would conclude that there is any rhyme or reason for this, other than that in the absence of a clear unobstructed picture using the current method, where horses are bunched together, the lazy apathetic bureaucratic stewards simply declare a dead heat, and payout additional combinations in the super-exotics, and divide the purse money.  We have split the atom, sent a man to the moon, have all kinds of nanotechnolgoy, but the horse racing industry cannot, or will not modernize their system of identifying the correct order of finish, which, in the final analysis, I would opine, is the reason we are all here. 

I’m a railbird, not an engineer, and never had much schoolin’, but it seems to me that horses seldom get far off the ground, and unless horses grow wings, they should be able to build a system from above the finish line, rather than from the side, so there would be no obstruction; hell it could probably be done by satellite.  So ends my editorial.

7-Lionite returned after more than a year on 15 November 2019, and was personally claimed for $30,000 by the King of the “Lasix 600 Advocates,” Steven M. Asmussen.  It was a good return, and a great claim, and he brings him back 9 days later for a slightly higher tag ($40,000) looking to get his 30 grand back. 

Do you think this horse is sound?   You bet your Asmussen he is!  More than twice the percentage to win according to my kooky math, compared to his closest rival (enjoy the percentages today), and I ain’t 7-Lion(ite), won’t take much of an improvement to complete Stevie’s investment coup.

7-Lionite – The “Worst Stinkin’ Bet of the Day”

No. Horse Race 6   M/L   TTT
7 Lionite 21%   7/2   4.65
3 Fort Peck 9%   6   10.83
1a Determinant 9%   12   11.05
2 Kearny County 9%   15   11.68
14 Most Mischief (ae) 7%   10   14.31
9 King of Candy 7%   5   14.40
13 Armchair Jockey (ae) 6%   5   15.84
10 Go Away 6%   5   15.99
8 Pickford 5%   6   18.61
5 Grand Master 5%   4   18.64
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