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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


Due to technical issues, typical weekend coverage will be abridged. We’re sticking to the basics until the cable company arrives Monday.



LURE STAKES          Race 6

A.     5-Flavius (3-1),  3-Value Proposition (2-1)

B.     2-Delaware (9-2),   6-Midnight Tea Time (15-1)

C.     12-Temple (15-1)


A.     3-War Like Goddess (8-5),   5-My Sister Nat (3-1)

B.     None

C.     6-Dalika (9-2),   4-Orglandes (10-1),   7-Luck Money (8-1)

G1 TEST STAKES        Race 8

A.     7-Search Results (5-2)

B.     8-Bella Sofia (6-1),   3-Zaajel (8-1),   Obligatory (4-1)

C.     None

G1 SARATOGA DERBY        Race 9

A.     4-Cadillac (4-1),   7-Secret Protector (6-1),   6-Bolshoi Ballet (2-1)

B.     1-Soldier Rising (12-1)

C.     8-Cellist (12-1)

G1 WHITNEY STAKES         Race 10

A.     5-Maxfield (8-5),   4-Knicks Go (6-5)

B.     2-Silver State (4-1)

C.     None

HARNESS RACE:   Hambletonian 96

1–Delayed Hanover (7-2)

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12 Responses

  1. Strictly an unsolicited narrative from the bleacher seats on the far turn. Just for the fun of it all. Nice and quiet over here with my young grandsons viewing the morning shows and Disney. With John in now in lockdown over the Russian mob guys over ransom hack, only right for one of us to try and fill in the void. Big, big shoes to fill mind you.

    Race 5: To join in on the HRI dialogue today, I am starting the day with a $2 wager on a DD ticket in race Five. I like Johnny V’s chances on staying with Brigadier General off his last. “Yes Sir” going with Brigadier General over Value Prop. $2 Straight Double #2 and #3. “Book ’em Dano.”

    Race 6: $1 Ex Bx Value Prop #3 and Flav #5. Adding 50 cent tri box #2,#3,#5. For the Win ticket $2 on Value

    Race 7: $2 Ex straight wager #3 Goddess over My Sister #5, adding 50 cent straight tri’s 3/5/6 and 3/6/5, and #3,#5,#6 boxed. $2 Win #3.

    Race 8: Hard picking between Bella and Search, and also fearing Obl a bit, I decided to yield to John’s years at this game, and out of respect am wagering Search Results #7 on top for the Win. Also $1 Ex KB 7 over 4,8. For the 50 cent Tri boxing 4, 7, and 8.

    Race 9: Can’t decide and going with #4 or #6, Ex Bx both #4 Cadillac Balls and #6 the Russian Bolshoi Hacking Bastards.

    Time for a quick joke?

    So this guy purchases a brand new Caddy and coming out of the dealership, he notices the tank is less than an eighth full. Not too pleased that the dealership wouldn’t have at least serviced him with a full tank out of courtesy, he pulls into a full service gas station up the road. He thought that if they didn’t bother looking at the gas gauge, they also highly unlikely ever checked the oil. He shuts the engine down, and asks the service attendant to fill it up, and to also please check on the oil. He reaches into his pocket for a single or two to cover a tip, and the attendant notices a few loose golf tees mixed in with his handful of quarters.

    The young attendant inquires, “What’s up with the odd shape sticks Mister.”

    “Why son those are golf tees.” was the reply.

    The attendant then asks “What do you do with them for Mister?”

    “Well son, you put your balls on them when you drive. ‘”, he replied.

    The attendant with a big grin on his face simply responded, “Damned if you Cadillac People don’t think of everything.”

    Back to Saratoga:
    Race 10: Going with Knick Go. Maybe adding an Ex over Max. Will watch the board. Mostly just a contest to watch. I really like McPeek, and if I get Beat, I hope it’s him just for the intestinal fortitude he always exhibits by once more in simply joining in. Class act he is.

    Race 11: ExBx # 1A and # 2 Musical H and my grandson’s Super Poop.

    Race 12: and shut the door on my grandson Griff please. Allow the youngster some privacy. Wagering an ExBx on “Risky Mischief” and “Time Limit” (on the toilet).

    Safe journey to all. Let’s “Knicks Go” get them Russian Hack Bastards and get the Preacher back on line.

    Win or lose, let’s go have some fun on Whitney Day. Years and years ago, I knew one of the grounds workers, and he allowed me to take my young boys to pick a couple of Mrs. Whitney’s pumpkins from her estate field where North Shore Hospital now exists. She even on another occasion arranged for Mets box tickets from her sister Mrs. Payson as well

    Another day, a story on equally nice, Mrs. Leon Hess. Connections all via my landscape design friends and a baby sitter connection.

    Peace Out, McD

  2. Can’t argue with your reasoning, the horses look live; good job, McD. And, of course, as you say, a safe trip to all!

  3. Value Prop no bet in the Lure saved me from dropping a few bucks on Race 6. He was my top selection for the day and I had it wrong. At the end of the day, all other bets allowed the turn of a small profit on the day. Always content when moving the chains forward. First down Jets.

    Gam’s Mission has attention on Race 9 tomorrow. Will wait and see $ with the board. Ran well wide in his last and worth consideration.

    Thanks for all you put into this John.

  4. Fantastic day of racing at the Spa-did not disappoint in any way. We’ll start with Knicks Go dominate performance, but alas true York their were several others. War Like Goddess is a raising star, State of Rest beat a very competitive field. Bella Sofia ran her compeitiion off their feet in a very solid field of sprinters in the Test.

    The day will forever we marked by Steve Asmussen breaking the career trainers record for Wins with Stellar Tap, this son of Tapit has the look of a very precocious colt.

    1. No arguments at all, Tony. I too big fan of War Like Goddess but come Breeders’ Cup, she would have a better chance if Tarnawa came to defend her Turf title. She returned recently and was dominant in season’s debut; find the replay…

  5. Great,great day for horseracing and sports in general( NY Mets excepted!) .. Please,stop having that good female horse run against the guys ! Bella Sofia ,what can I say ,Gina Lollobrigida was not bad either.Asmussen family, trainer,former jockey brother,parents and all won’t ever be forgotten as maybe Santana the jock who’s enjoyed most of those big time wins. Hambletonian ,as usual,an afterthought nationwide but that’s Harness racing today and ever again.Not even Niatross could make this betting sport enticing to millions of sports fans,especially with the 2020 Olympics do I g to a closing bang with the USA getting gold right and left,take that ” ROC” and China ! And for the main event,Saratoga, hot to lunch myself with not only Lezcano and JV winning at good prices but I got all the last Five races with exactas,triples ,cold DD and a couple of Super$ ! Still looking at my notes,numbers and of course,prices and wonder if I ever been so ” talented”,but it’s not me,it the numbers that are factual. Discipline. So,when will the Euro Turf horses stop kicking the ,locals’ rear end ? What,an O Brien trained horse ridden by JV paid over $ 40 ? So,what else is new ? Are PJ Johnson and JL Samyn still around ? 😁😷Memories..Stay Healthy,,and wise.😁😷🤔🍻🍺( Qzme x the Interruption).

  6. Correction:”Not hot to lunch ” who wrote that? Saratoga,have had a very good meet myself,not only with Lezcano and JV……. And 3 of the last 4 races besides 3 other triples,2 cold exactas in the middle races. More difficult to decide how much to get than picking exactas but as the” Balance” increases so will the bottom,stock bets.No other Alternative !$$$.🍺Really !!

    1. Love it when the HRI Faithful do well. Personally, I’m struggling so I’ll just keep turning the page.

      Meanwhile, I always adhere to a phrase an old horseplayer told me decades ago. “Lose as if you like it, win as if you’re used to it.”

      Either way, the game keeps me humble…

  7. My only angst with Asmussen are the excessive use of race day meds, but recognize the fact if you don’t go down the same road as most all others, you start several lengths out of the gate behind. Can never forgive the incident years back however when his assistant Scott B packed and taped up a runners leg for victory at any cost. Total disregard for the safety of a graded stakes horse. Any horse for that matter.
    The actions that day years back only poured added gazoline over the fire storm against the sport already existing. HOF accolades acknowledged, but at the same time, far too many questionable actions of the past as well employed to the detriment of the sport. I would look elsewhere for an HOF Trainer.

    1. You are correct, McD, that PETA undercover job is permanently etched. It’s another reason HISA must get here on schedule despite the pushback.

      I’m not a pharmacologist, don’t even play one on TV, but it seems that further lengthening withdrawal times is the best way to make sure all the fields are level.

  8. Ricardo Santana Jr. has as many wins so far in the 2021 Saratoga meet (84 starts, 12 wins) as he had in the entire 2020 Saratoga meet (108 starts, 12 wins). That’s impressive.

    1. You are correct Dan, but of course only a few of the winners have come from mounts other than the Asmussen shed. You would think other horsemen would use him a little more often…

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