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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign Staff — It’s true: horse racing enthusiasts are not lacking in terms of betting options. Races take place all the time across the world. With that said, even the most enthusiastic punters will search for an alternative every now and then.

One such alternative can be found via an online casino.

Online casinos feature a wide assortment of games for players to enjoy. These range from classic card games to live spin-the-wheel titles. Among this large selection are a number of casino games that are great choices for horse racing fans.

To show why this is the case, below are the online casino games horse racing enthusiasts will love.

To show why this is the case, below are the online casino games horse racing enthusiasts will love.

Virtual horse racing

It’s the most obvious place to start, admittedly, but that doesn’t make it any less suitable for this list. Virtual horse racing, as the name suggests, isn’t much different to the real thing. The big difference is the ‘virtual’ part. The race is entirely computer generated, and it takes on the appearance of a video game when you’re watching.

Other than that, virtual horse racing pretty much functions the same as a normal race. You back the horse you think will win, sit back, and watch the race unfold. Of course, the game isn’t about following form lines or knowing about jockeys. This might not be ideal for enthusiasts that love to analyze races in-depth, but it is great news to those that don’t have the time to learn about those all-important details.


Online slots are incredibly popular right now. Play the best games when you select one of the top Ohio online casino options; at one of these, you’ll find a plethora of slots to play. Hundreds of machines, ranging from the traditional to the innovative, are available for gamblers to play instantly. The prizes can be massive, and the themes outlandish.

Speaking of themes, it’s not uncommon to come across online slots which feature a horse racing theme. These slots feature graphics, symbols, and animations that evoke memories of the racetrack, making them a fantastic choice for those who love horse racing.

Aside from a welcoming horse racing theme, it’s also important not to overlook the fast thrills available with these online slots. With each spin of the reels, you’re in with the chance of winning a major jackpot. In horse racing, you’d be incredibly lucky to successfully back a 100/1 shot. With an online slot, you are always in with the chance of winning a jackpot that is 10, 100, or even 1,000+ bigger than those 100/1 odds.


Roulette might not seem like the most obvious game for a horse racing fan. However, this classic table game does have one element that will grab the attention of fanatics: the racetrack.

The racetrack takes the shape of, well, a racetrack. It is populated by various bets you can back when playing roulette. In general, these bets involve a group of numbers, and the hope is the ball will land on one of them once it has stopped spinning around the wheel.

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  1. Was going to comment on this ‘ article’ for addicts but I decided to stick with my parting gift shot of how, when and why I became more successful with NYRA tracks. One day, as usual, iwas seated away from the belligerent noisy crowd, right below two television screens, one for the live races and the other one showing the exacta board. With pens and a folding notebook i was into it, Concentrating on what I was supposed to bet compared to which combo was being over bet according to their odds…meanwhile an unassuming distinct gentleman a few yrs older than me sits a couple of chairs away from me checking the boards with pen and notebook at hand. I, rarely, talk to people that are strangers to me, nothing personal but usually it is a waste of time and distraction. After a race or so i instantly asked him that since he looked like he was sure of his ways, thru the yrs, had he learned any basic thing, angle about 🐴 racing and betting. He spontaneously said yes and confided to me, a nice well dressed guy, that he followed a certain ML ‘ system’ which to me seemed to involve too many longshots which, of course, would lead to losing streaks. He said, yes ,that was true but he had enough fund$ to overcome that. Ok, i followed that angle on paper, without betting on the picks and i was not impressed, not even if I had hundreds of $ bills on me…But I made some changes throughout the following months, just like a mad scientist in a B movie, and after keeping pages of notebooks, facts and numbers i finally came to the adult point of making intentional bets, starting at $ 1 and increasing its base as and if it became profitable. It has, although that losing streak of months ago stays with me when I have to recover what I have lost from a streak of over 7,8 races, that is ,hoping to hit an exacta over some $38. Knock on wood, not being superstitious, i take this seriously as i have from time to time mentioned about hitting that exacta or triple. Very unlikely that i respectfully, lied or exaggerated about my hits and misses and i hope, that, for all of us, There Is, or Are, a Lesson to be noted from all of this trip. Like the late Dick Mitchell stated in one of his books” If you find a way to be successful, do not tell Anyone, or they will All think that you re delusional and a loser just like the majority of gamblers- bettors. So, just keep it to yourself,….and do not cheat yourself with fake results and if, couldas , shouldas,..the last part added by me. Be sincere with your$ and enjoy your life. Y O L O. James G R.

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