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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL – While the best boutique race meeting the world comes to a conclusion Saturday morning in Berkshire, England and, like New Jersey last week, Ohio steps into the Tote Busters© spotlight in North Randall, Ohio on Saturday.

Thoroughbred racing is a lot of things but what not many people realize is how democratic the sport of kings is—an story for another day.

Anyway, we’ll grade the major contenders using the A, B, C tack which has proven popular with the HRI Faithful.

And now, in the famous words of the late, great political analyst Tim Russert estimating the swing state as Presidency Prognosticator: “Ohio, Ohio, Ohio,”  where Saturday’s stakes are highly competitive.


LADY JACQUELINE STAKES                                                Race 12

A:  4-Frosty O’Toole (5-1) has improved for Dini, brilliant works, best value,  5-Musical Mischief (5-2) fast, progressive, (2) 1-1-0 at trip,  7-Corningstone (5-2) McPeek/Hernandez team, 2-for-2 at trip

B:  6-Misty Veil (3-1)  Maker/Ramon Vasquez, exits key race 3-from 8 starters

C:  3-Dot Marie (20-1) Horse for Course 3-for-3,  8-Key to Success (20-1) progressive figures, 2-for-2 at TDN

G3 OHIO DERBY                                                                        Race 13

A:  8-Catching Freedom (9-5) most accomplished, good progressive figures, recent CD work 4th fastest of 48 peers week of JUN 15. 4-Copper Tax (7-2) potential value play, fastest last-out Thoro-Graph, Capuano profitable 21% with shippers

B: 9-Batten Down (8-1) potential price play, Mott colt very progressive, Spa work week of JUN 17 4th fastest of 39 peers.

C:  5-Uncle Heavy (6-1) overmatched recently, been spot-shopping

G3 CHICAGO STAKES                                                         Race 7

A:   3-Valva (1-1) most accomplished, has conditioning advantage, 3-for-3 this track, exits key race (2 wins of 4 starters).

B:   1-Society (4-5) Horse for Distance (5) 3-0-1, Asmussen/Tyler team recently 3-for-6, one place

C:  5-Positano Sunset (15-1) Wilkes/Leparoux hookup, recent SKY  breeze fastest of 13 peers week of Jun 16.


WILD APPLAUSE STAKES                                                 Race 10      

A:  9-Overzubscribed (3-1) moved forward in second start, earning good figure this course despite tough trip, by hot, young Euro sire, Prat for Chad.   6-Awesome Czech (15-1) breeze week of JUN 17 10th fastest of 188 peers, excellent value on early line. 1-Gala Brand (4-1) competitive figures as Mott 2YO, makes 3YO exiting key BC Juvenile Turf Stakes that produced 3 winners from 11 next out runners.

B:   4-Macanga (5-1) won in first start for Rick Dutrow, work week of 6/14 10th fastest of 188 peers.  3-Vino Rouge (6-1) won for Anthony Dutrow, moving forward in turf return, well posted.

C:   2-Curlin’s Girl (10-1)  Rice  profitable 30% in second start with new runners.                            

MAIN TRACK ONLY: 10-Value Area (5-2) work week of JUN 16 4th fastest of 188 peers.

per usual, when more than one horse is listed in any category, preferences are listed in graded order

this live column will be updated throughout the weekend

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6 Responses

  1. Yes , it is easier to bet two horses to win than trying to hit a cold non favorite exacta combo ! Of course, the payoffs are not as generous but it beats the alternative which is, so far, a Minus 33 race streak ! Thankfully a $ 100 triple helped a bit and that last race winner at $15 circa. Tomorrow, Sunday, my last race trying to hit the, ‘ unreachable ‘ exacta combos with just five races. Present tab: minus $ 1954,,, because I switched to Win bets with an eye on the ( losing) exacta combinations. I never thought that it would get This Long to hit one… which I haven’t yet. Already talking ,thinking about Saratoga, 18 days away, much more so than the ” Debate”, even if cable stations are posting that farce 24 hr a day, worse than when parents are waiting for a relative to be born or coming back from military service, or jail !! Higher expectations lead to possible disappointments, so expect less. I think that JF Skinner said that in my college days… PS: did I notice a $5,000 claiming race at Monmouth, on a Saturday ? Sad.

    1. Patience is required, especially when trying to reverse a betting slide. Bettors need to have the bets come to him rather than the other way around–just one man’s opinion. And thanks for sharing your experiences with the HRI Faithful; it helps everyone.

      One disappointment however is I didn’t take you for a low information citizen. The debate is no farce, not with the stakes so high. I happen to love living in this messy democracy.

  2. Were you trying to hint that I’m a Fox follower? Low info ? Me? I’ve voted for reps of either parties, but this time I cannot be favoring President SNAFU, who according to My opinion, has made several important mistakes , big faux pas, ever since his first day in office. We know what kind of jack ass Trump is but at least he shows life, interest, and guts in making policy decisions. Meanwhile MSNBC interviewed Queens Dr. Fauci four times,with four different personalities within Five days !! Unbelievable !! Case closed. Politics, worse than religion , rancor ,upset me as I learned moons ago that most politicians are there to control and rob, through many outlets, the wimpy ,gullible ,submissive and tired population. It ain’t a country for old, senile leaders that’s why my Haley bumper sticker is still on my cars. ..,On today’s last try at the , presently , awful ” angle : Third race, 6… Fifth race ( 1,6).. Sixth race ( 7,10,3).. Seventh race ( 5,6) and last race (5).,. Presently Minus $ 1954, in a losing streak of 30 races . We won’t have to agree on anything since at our age ,after our different subjective experiences, we never walked on others shoes or seen and heard things with other people’s eyes or ears. ” It’s Beyond Our Control” what politicos do and it drives me crazy thinking how much $$$ is being raised to be elected, while after the votes are in the participants keep the $$ not spent! It is OPM, but goes into their pockets. What a monumental Gyp ! Nobody loses ,among them ! ” It was the Best of times, It was the Worst of times !!” A Tale of Two Views…. So long..

  3. All I’m saying JG is that the debate is critical and not a farce for educating low information voters, who are not news junkies such as myself.

    It was not personal-though it was a little snarky-but as one native New Yorker to another, our skins should be thicker than not.

    1. I don’t know what to expect from either side, and more than likely, won’t change most voters minds. But the cable stations don’t need to give it a countdown many days in advance! Stop creating a ‘ fake buzz’ which is not needed. They all talk about what ifs, which is a huge wste of time and content… between long commercials. 10-4 !! As for the final racing- betting day, hit the first 3 while missing on the last two, the last one of which was a Maiden Claimer, a type of race that I Rarely bet… maybe hoping for a Hail Mary, but with such types of grinders? My fault, went out of my lane ! Live& learn, bitterly ! Interesting on my best win, the 6 the race, with a $ 19 payoff: the horse, #1,is Eleven to one 11-1 right before post time as the horses get at the gate.. They take off , and # 1 is now 8-1,,,, going on to win the race.. late $$ at work ! Seventh race, I got the winner #6,But it happened because a young rider on a 71-1 longshot almost went wire to wire, panicking at the stretch, hitting the horse left-handed, over and over again, bumping #6 the first time and then again the second time forcing that horse to bump #11,I believe, causing both horses to slow down.. After a prolonged judges view, it finally came down switching places with #6.That-s not it. After getting off the phone that same young jockey, smiling , ,bumps knockles with the trainer of the judged winning horse !!! What is one to think, that he lost the race, on purpose ? Why would a jock who just lost on a big longshot , losing purse $$ for the connections who gave him the ride, be smiling with the other connections ?? They bet on that specific exacta ?. PS:Among the many horseracing books that I read moons ago I believe that there was an author (Rogazin?) who suggested to bet two horses in some races.. Any memory about that angle? Gave up on the exacta angle with a minus 33 losing streak, changing to two winners in races that Fit, kind of . Still over $2200 over the Betting Mendoza line since May. Next stop Saratoga where both riders and horses will come from many parts of the country, where too many young horses without any PPs will go to the gate and I will be abstaining from betting them, just I vdo with maiden claimers. No steeple chase snoozers, so , it should give me enough time to concentrate to stay in my lanes , and hopefully do as well as last year , my best, so far , in Saratoga.,,,,, while quietly observing when will this lone interminable exacta streak will end, just for curiosity. A bitter pill to humbly swallow , indeed ! Hate this Hot, Humid weather, but we cannot change that and thank the A C, and… some Granitas !!

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