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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


We’re not sure if TVG’s claim it is “America’s Horse Racing Network” applies any longer. Given an agreement reached between the New York Racing Association and Churchill Downs Inc., TVG no longer will be to carry races from any NYRA track or Churchill Downs on its main network.

Races emanating from New York State and Louisville Kentucky is now the exclusive province of the Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 networks, including approved regional channels. Belmont Park opens its spring meet tomorrow.

Racing from Stronach Group properties, namely Santa Anita, Gulfstream Park, Laurel Park and Golden Gate Fields, will remain on TVG, along with racetracks in other parts of the country and its an expanding array of international events.

Soon after the Covid-19 pandemic wiped out live and broadcast sports, television networks became desperate for sports programming. NBC entered a partnership to co-broadcast TVG’s Trackside Live program weekends on NBC’s sports network, NBCSN.

Fox will broadcast NYRA and Churchill races exclusively from New York’s metropolitan area tracks, Saratoga, and Louisville. It will be shown on Fox Sports cable channels FS-1 and FS-2, depending on day of the week and time slots available. This has the earmarks of a liquid situation and will be a work in progress.

Racing fans and bettors, man your remotes!

The not-so-hidden agenda here is a fight for parimutuel wagering dollars. In this “new normal” world, NYRABets and are willing to be friendly competitors, just as and Xpressbet co-exist in the current enemy-of-my-enemy environment.

Churchill Downs, NYRA tracks and Stronach Group venues can be bet on all wagering platforms. The difference is streaming video vs. television broadcast programming; laptops and phones vs big-screen TVs.

What this all means for the future of Triple Crown broadcasts, an NBC network staple when the year started, is unclear.

At this juncture TVG viewers may only see NYRA races on digital platforms, the same way Churchill races have been seen since its meet began in mid-May. Churchill Downs racing does, however, appear on TVG2.

The NYRA-Churchill broadcast partnership, a.k.a America’s Day at the Races, will be seen only on Fox. The regional MSG+ network airs daily, full-card coverage of racing from Belmont.

Bettors currently can wager on whatever betting platform they wish, except in Las Vegas. Wagering on Churchill Downs is not permitted anywhere in the state, not even via app.

So it boils down to a battle of advance-deposit wagering platforms, broadcast rights serving as weapons. And there is little doubt this deal will negatively impact TVG’s market share.

As a Betfair property, TVG still helps serve its parent’s off-track business interests by helping to promote the company’s legal, albeit limited, online casino and sports betting market. Part of the rift involves TVG’s refusal to accept advertising on its popular broadcast network.

What the Fox programming will lack is a video presentation of morning workouts in the manner that Xpressbet and 1/ST Bet makes use of its XBTV workout network, although it has made it available for production support to other racing networks, including TVG, NBCSN, and Fox.

The new accord between Churchill, NYRA and Fox Sports has been rumored for some time and obviously the racing product from Belmont Park and Churchill Downs is, on paper, Grade 1. But TVG also has excellent racing products, and a lot of it. Stay tuned suddenly has a lot more urgency.

Which Grade 1 Winner Do You Like?

On the tube, it will be TVG and Fox Sports going head-to-head. At Belmont Park, it will be the Got Stormy vs Rushing Fall and a strong supporting cast in the Grade 3 Beaugay at a mile and a sixteenth on the Widener Turf.

If recency is your handicapping thing, Got Stormy (7-5) has the edge, making her third start this year. She was beaten narrowly in her latest by male River Boyne in Santa Anita’s G1 Kilroe Mile. She’s won on the Belmont lawn in the past but is winless in four starts at the trip.

If, however, you think pace makes the race regardless of surface, even over a fresh lawn, it most probably will be Rushing Fall (6-5) controlling things up front. She is 2-for-2 on Long Island green and owns a (3) 2-1-0 slate at the trip. On figures, it’s a jump ball.

If you don’t care for either at the price, there’s Horse for Course Fifty Five, 7-for-11 at Belmont and a winner of half her 12 starts at the distance. She’s a tad slower on figures than her very talented rivals but is viable as “the longer Chad” at 5-1. Joel Rosario will have her rolling to the wire.

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54 Responses

  1. JP–
    I wonder if this means that the OTB channel here in Albany will also be prohibited from showing the NYRA and Churchill races?
    Chuck from Saratoga

    1. Chuck, sent email to Capital OTB, waiting on a response. But guess you’ll know soon enough today. You might find your answer before I get a response…

  2. John: Thanks for the update. I heard Tony Allevato on Steve Byk’s show this morning explaining the business reasons for the Fox exclusivity. Of course, its perfectly reasonable, from NYRA’s perspective, to encourage wagering through NYRABets. As a NY resident, I primarily use my NYRA Bets account since it translates to more money for NYRA and the NYTHA. However, as we have seen over the past two decades, “exclusivity” has only inconvenienced the general betting public. In this regard, there are many of us who play in contests, both mythical and live money, who have to focus on more than one track. John, the other major sports might have different distribution channels, but the owners in the other sports, the NFL especially, SHARE all of the revenue generated by video distribution. When the various racing entities come to their senses, and realize that they should be sharing revenues, rather than try to beat each other’s brains in, then racing will possibly have a chance to improve the sport. Otherwise, its just an unfortunate journey, by each of the various alphabet organizations, to pick at a dying carcass, until there is nothing left to eat!

  3. Honestly,there won’t be any próblem choosing which network deal I’d support,believe in and follow without needing an extra remote,screen nor binocs.Seen enough of TVG’s ineptitude and hope that Fox will continue to improve it’s professionality as they did with Sports Radio and Television.From announcers to t telecasts it was like comparing pros to amateurs who never learned much. No horse in the race but the choice is Very simple.Best wishes to all involved as long as they show The Friggin$$ Boards!..No quarter Screens,people!!

    1. I think the NYRA coverage is great. The Albany OTB channel is a ‘last resort’ for me. I really like Seth Merrow, but the 1/4 screen stuff is terrible and, coupled with the lack of HD, its almost unwatchable.
      I DO have a question or two however:
      On Spectrum, do we get both FS1 and FS2? And is the NYRA feed always on MSG network?

      1. According to Patrick McKenna, Director of Communications at NYRA, “We are on MSG in addition to FOX Sports and their family of regional networks.”

        Hope this answers your question, Tom.

        As for Spectrum, this is where I get to say “check with your local provider.”

    2. $10, I’m sure Fox is happy to hear from their viewers, especially those who would try to tweak programming with helpful suggestions…

  4. Play it again Sam. I continue to hope that a horseplayer somewhere someday can explain to me two things: 1) how I have wasted my time over six decades betting on cheap claimers, maiden claimers, starter allowance, and NY bred plodders; I keep records, and I know I have done better with these horses than the blue blood stake races which to me are only worthy of using in a double and maybe a pick three; and 2) how a ‘capper can toss a cheap claiming race as a lousy bet when just about all of them are run two or three seconds slower – tiz all!

    Since commentary on Thoroughbred racing comes from turf writers, who always write about stake races, the trainers involved, and the jocks up, I can understand the influence they have on horseplayers. Damn shame that few horseplayers fail to comprehend that stake races are the most difficult to handicap and that when their done ‘capping they are looking at the favorite who is usually odds-on (yes Alice, I know I have written the above a hundred times here at HRI, but I feel I must keep butt’in that dam, hoping to get some followers of the thoroughbreds to wakeup to reality).

  5. You’ve done better with the picks of the litter? It defies logic,but then again, just Like Fishermen, the gamblers’ tales are not to be taken seriously..not x a second! No form,uneven races,,,unless ,like an old acquaintance of mine,who happened to be illiterate,seriously,he only bet horses who placed or showed in their last race not paying attention to why others went wide,middle moved,got tired ,dropped in cla$$,going up front,impeded or was green,needed blinkers,etc,,Im not disputing it,,i just dont believe it.Good !uck,,with your stories,fables about cheapies ! Your snoozing mantra stays intact.Cant take your continual shpiel seriously.My fault…of course,of course..

  6. just signed in to nyrabets for belmont opening day and seeing there is a 5% rebate for opening week!
    think i’ll like that. I’m in.

    1. Just re-upped my NYRABets account over the weekend, sorry you missed out. It was deposit minimum of $50 and receive $20 credit to your account.

      Was thinking competition between ADWs/networks, etc., might actually pay off for bettors. A 5-percent rebate is not insignificant!

  7. on the broadcasting, i’m strictly a simulcast feed king of guy.
    no network coverage for me, especially never fox – for anything.

  8. Can everyone simply bet on whatever the hell they want?

    I spend a lot of time on racing Twitter, no one talks claimers, only well known horses. The complaints are limited to the cheaters on the backside, or bad DQs and the like.

    On balance, however, most people prefer to bet on, and talk about. good horses. Handle figures reflect that! Just got to keep butt’in that dam I guess.

    I am now a one-man band here. No complaint; just fact, and I don’t have time to referee anymore…

    Will someone please turn the page, or stay on topic?

    1. Cannot think of any horse players whose mind and ways of picking selections was ever changed by listening to someone else.After so many yrs those who believed in closers,at any distance,still do it that way,same with early speed aficionados.I changed somewhat,x the
      Much,Much better.Wish it was still the 80s !(ahaha!)Good first day which kept me away x the middle races.Irad O had a splendid day and i got the Beaugay exacta boxing 4-1,3,had cheapie DD,1st race,DD.then went to dinner x an overdue good steak and came
      back x the last two races.Everyone picked the Bgay fav,Everyone,so i used the runnee up.Rarely pick Unanymous B Best selections= No value and it had the HOT Jockey.Positive day,nice to see BayShore s Richard Migliore,Good early speed guy on turf,if my memory Is still clear.

      1. Geez,forgot to mention the last race triple since i played1-346-3462-914,the exacta,combining x $82minus $ 20 to get them both.Nonno s system still ahead ,hitting three horses outta 5 races,WP, of course,from $5 to 11. $98 profit WO doubling up any $,WO any program,or Touts,,are they still around ?Lemon Drop Kid ,Bob Hope,comes to mind,besides Groucho Marx of course,of course.

  9. I think wmc is missing out on some good betting opportunities by ignoring stakes.
    I scored well on a stakes at santa anita.
    chad brown shipper Raging Bull paid a very fair 7.80 and a straight exacta with the runnerup paid well over a hundred fir a duece, thank you very much

    1. They both were listed in the analysis for last weekend, I can’t believe #3 was so completely ignored. And, yes, $7.80 on Raging Bull was fair, thanks to his uncoupled mate I guess…

      1. i’ve been away from HRI a bit, all horseracing coverage actually.
        it’s nice to be back.
        will mak sure to read those plays of yours!
        (that one I happened to come up with on my own luckily)
        am using a simplified betting strategy using only Win, straight Exacta, straight Doubles.
        tinkering with the bet amounts and ratios, between a basebet of $5 -$10 Win, $2 Exacta, $2 Double.

  10. We may be on the same page in more ways than one. Yes, we try to pick out the best of the Saturday simulcasts–SA Derby and more this weekend, but Belmont and perhaps CD too–so many races, so little time.

    But I’ve been keeping it simple, too, play with win-place and cold exactas, having some luck but a work in progress. Bad horse story? I pre-bet the races on Saturday–taking Raging Bull to win, but played no exactas. Ouch! Good on you, though…

  11. To all, as I have said many times, try betting claimers, the cheaper the better, at what turf writers consider inferior racetracks; please have a #2 pencil in your pocket and record your wins/losses. Then, do the same with the blue blood races. I am only trying to point out where your bankroll will last longer. It’s your money, do as you want, but you should not ignore facts (though facts are considered fake news of late)

    If I may, may I add a third question that I hope a horseplayer, somewhere, will answer: Just how does a stake race look any different than a cheap claiming race? I’ll give my conclusion: it doesn’t! As written at least a hundred times at this site, no one on this planet can tell how fast a thoroughbred is running a race without looking at the man-made timer on the screen/tote. Payoffs are the same, and what does handle have to do with it? Aren’t ya suppose to be pick’in a winner and cashing? Or, are you more interested in making excuses for why the blue blood favorite didn’t win? Ya know, a) didn’t like the surface, b) broke slow, c) carried wide), d) jockey made move to early, e) blocked on turn, f) jockey waited to long, et cetera, et cetera.

    What are ya gonna do, same s— every day (Alice, get me a Foster’s please).

  12. Mr. Pricci: I know and respect your effort to keep this site going. I, and you cannot deny, have contributed much to this site. However, I cannot ignore that facts can not be ignored; yes, truth hurts.

    You write above ‘most people prefer to bet on or talk about good horses’. Just what to hell is a ‘good’ horse? a) a blue blood sired by a stake winner, b) trained by Baffert/Pletcher, or c) a horse that has been entered in a stake race? All the ink in normal times from Jan to May by turf writers (four solid months, Alice) over the years has been on the blue bloods pointing for the Kentucky Derby. Once the Derby is over, how many of these over-rated, over-promoted thoroughbreds do we ever hear from again? To me, a ‘good’ horse is one who races twenty to a hundred times over a life-time (yes, Alice many ‘good’ plodders do race seventy times and upwards – horses that do much to promote Thoroughbred racing. How many of the winners of the so-called ‘big’ races raced the next year? BTW, my favorite race over the years changes every day; it’s the plodder I just bet who won!

    The following blows my mind: you write above ‘I’ve been keeping it simple, play with win-place, and cold exactas’. I don’t recall you ever writing about a place bet, and rarely a win bet. But, your all over boxing exactas and pick threes.

    I dunno, are we all going nuts?

    1. WMC, your persistence on this single topic is simply amazing. I get it; you are looking to win and the lesser-played tracks represent your typical home-base. To that end, I say congratulations to you for maintaining a fine record in low-priced claiming events. You have found the area of the game in which you excel. That’s great. Also, you may, in fact, be standing next to me one day, when Delaware, Ellis Park or Finger Lakes is running because I like to selectively play some of these races, too. But . . . and it’s a big but . . . most horseplayers wish to see the very best perform and wager on the top equines. Graded stakes horses or allowance runners are generally far more reliable than that $5,000 group of claimers at Finger Lakes. You can absolutely find nice prices in big races. Just pick and choose your spots and when the favorite is 1-2 or 3-5, it’s OK to look elsewhere.

      Here’s an important example of a tremendous performance in a Grade 1: The 2016 Travers won by the late-Arrogate (true, very sadly, he’s no longer with us, as of yesterday), by 13 1/2 lengths, at 11-1 odds, in track record time !!! Plenty of others like Birdstone winning the 2004 Belmont at 37-1 and again upsetting the Travers at 9-2. The really good thing is that you don’t have to go back 16 years to get a $76 winner in a Grade 1. You can trust me and many of the HRI Faithful on this one.

    2. No offense but everyone loves the top tier horses who dazzle with their brilliance and majesty. The name Ruffian comes to mind. It’s not her fault that they came up with that silly Battle of the Sexes scheme that ultimately cost her her life. The claimers you so admire are fine but give me Seattle Slew or one of them Blue Blood horses any day. Hook ’em up in a Pick 5 and settle in with a Fosters. The win, place and show pools at your favorite tracks (not just mid-Atlantic per some of your more recent postings) are not large and a sizeable WPS bet could drive down your price. Go for the gimmicks, it’s the way you have to play nowadays. Key a single with some bombs and pray. Saw a Pick 5 at Aqueduct where the first leg (very important leg for eliminating many ticket holders) went to a 35-1 bomb. The second leg went to a 4-1 choice and the last three legs were all faves. Pick 5 paid over 32k. You cannot beat that deal, ha, ha.

      1. C, you just happened to mention, even more than Secretariat, two horses deep in my equine soul: Slew and Ruffian. Kelso completes the boxed trifecta. Completing the superfecta would be Shuvee.
        On the harness side, in personal preference, pacers Adios Butler and Bred Hanover; trotters Speedy Scot and Su Mac Lad.

          1. Won 61 of 80 races and earned more than any other at the time. Had a 28 race win streak. Then retired at end of streak. A monster.

    3. Wrong, WMC. While it is true I rarely make place suggestions in the analysis, that’s what boxed exactas are for. I use the exacta as a place bet. If the boxed horse does beat me, I might make even more money than had my horse won. And that’s what it’s about, making money, right Alice?

      Wrong #2, It it rare when I DON’T make a win bet–also called a straight bet–win or without price restrictions. See the latest selection from yesterday at Tampa, e.g. (BTW: It won at 7-2).

      The only time I eschew win bets is when I believe the whole will be too low a price. The reason he’s mentioned in the first place is because of the popularity of today’s horizontal pools. I’m a vertical man myself, mostly, but JUST LIKE STAKES RACES, I follow the money. Look at the damn handle figures, as I’ve suggested “many times at this website.”

      If you’re this bored, writing the same old-same old, why not find one of those platers you love and share it with the rest of us? I’m sure fans and critics alike would be interested to know.

      And, finally, big name horses may be over promoted, or over-hyped, but they drive interest in the game. Claiming race fillers are great for bettors who like them and for owners and trainers who play the game at that level. That’s the great thing about this sport, it’s democratic in that way.

      Ike Frenchy said, “the game ain’t hard and nobody’s barred”

  13. To the above two commentators just before this comment, I can list claimers ‘who dazzled with their brilliance and majesty’ and one can find nice prices in lower-level races. I’m not sure that ‘most horseplayers wish to see the very best perform …’. Afraid I am having a problem understanding what the ‘best’ means.

    Wasn’t the Beaugay Stakes thrilling? Five horse field with the favorite going wire-to-wire. Paid a bundle, right? And no show wagering. Geez, the owner of the horse that finished fifth gets a check for $4,000. Oh, I know, you all had the exacta when the second favorite quit. Yup, a stake race that involved the ‘best’ and has been forgotten by most horseplayers already.

    Above it is suggested that I should ‘go for the gimmicks’. I’m not ready to go broke, but I will ‘settle in with a Foster’s.

    Reading a lot lately about the pick five. Let’s see a show of hands of those who have ‘hit’ it recently, last month, last year, last five years, or ………

    Anyway, remember to VOTE!

    1. “Most horseplayers wish to see the very best perform and wager on the top equines.” Yes, I wrote that, WMC, and I’ll stand by those words.

      Your “best” and my “best” may often be mutually exclusive. Find a nice longshot winner in any race and he becomes your temporary “best” friend. But the true “best” – in my opinion – are those thoroughbreds who showed up against the top of their class and left you saying “Wow !!!” Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Spectacular Bid and Forego need no introduction because their performances speak for themselves and become timeless.

      What was the name of that good thing who won for you last week at Churchill ??? Don’t remember ??? Don’t go back and look it up. If you had Arrogate in the 2016 Travers, you got paid handsomely and saw a race for the ages. See the difference ???

    2. WMC, I have requested my mail in ballot, even if I do live in Florida and cannot trust the current Governor in the current atmosphere.

      But if need be, I would risk my life–not to go to the beach, but I’d crawl to the voting booth this year.

      The only thing we have to fear, is dictatorship itself. Maybe I can call on the 82nd Airborne to enforce social distancing.

      THANK GOD for the game that keeps our brains functioning…

  14. Mr. Pricci: Michael Cohen said in his testimony that Trump will not go easy if not re-elected; this comment has created more anxiety for me, as I believe MC’s comment has merit – this on top of the covid-19 spiking in several states unsettles me. I’m convinced that most professional sports are ‘cooked’ for this year, that schools/colleges will not open, and that Thoroughbred racing will also close this fall. It’s going to be chaos in this country by September. I do hope I am wrong.

    As to stake vs claiming races, I simply cannot understand why horseplayers chase stake races when they are clearly more difficult to ‘cap.
    There is either an odd-on favorite or several blue bloods that figure – rarely the case when ‘capping a claiming race. If horseplayers worked the #2 pencil they would confirm my position.

    As to my offering a plater to wager on, I have stated here at HRI numerous times that I win at a 30%, and have for many years, which means that I lose with seven of my ten selections. I survive by betting ten or twelve claiming races at various tracks most days. I never could win even two of ten stake races over the years and tired of observing a high percentage of blue bloods being odds-on – totally boring races.

  15. TTT

    Who would have thought that this obscure leftist website would be the genesis of a new social movement; “Claiming Horses Matter.” Degenerates unite!

    1. TTT,

      This, readers, is from a man who used to contribute a daily selection, which we posted in the News section, but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted to be recognized as an official contributor and have his selections appear under the Free Race Selections tab reserved for recognized public handicappers.

      And do you know why he stopped contributing? Because he said he was “insulted by harness racing selections,” made by The Meadowlands handicapper, author, and television analyst, Dave Brower, were included in the FRA and his were not.

      Yes, we are small, a tad south of 25,000 unique visitors monthly, but averaging 225,000 views/visits monthly. But we’re here, since 2007, and will continue to be until God shuts the lights!

      “Claiming Horses Matter??” I like that, and I’m sure old Wendell has just found a new hashtag!

  16. A few things Wendell, as much as I hate to admit it, this site is much better with you on it than without you.

    Since you brought it up, sort of, allow that I am 100% behind peaceful protesters and the BlackLivesMatter movement. Their time is way past due, at minimum a century and a half after the first Civil War. IMHO, Civil War II is being televised daily.

    I am also 1000% against violence, outside agitators, right-wing extremists, looting, cfriminals, and tear gassing peaceful American people.

    Actually, I tweeted this the other day; my small contribution as a citizen: Protesters need to better organize and find a leader to speak to, and for, the movement, a person of color, and have him/her propose the following:

    We will continue our protest daily until justice is served in a demonstrable way, however long it takes.

    But we must disband by 6 pm daily. After 90 minutes, allowing for human behavior, we would recognize that anyone demonstrating post 7:30 pm in their time zone should be regarded by authorities as U.S. or state-curfew violators, subject to arrest. The only exceptions are essential workers and services.

    First Amendment rights, more foundational to America than the Second, would be preserved. So would law and order. The messages need not be mutually exclusive and can co-exist— only the best meaning of this term — separate but equal under constitutional law, as the Founders believed, a uniquely American ideal.

    Peaceful or not, I do fear that the demonstrations probable will undo three months+ of significant sacrifice, and that the second Covid wave will be worse than the first. With the exception of horse racing, aren’t all major sports contact sports?

    I think racing’s dynamic could survive a second wave, provided “Santa Anita guidelines” remain in effect–and only if they do. Faced with the alternative, I think race-trackers will comply.

    And, finally, as to your earlier observation, as of June 4, 2020, sing after me, “mama, mama, mama, we’re all crazy now.”

  17. To the person making the clarion call ‘degenerates unite’, I find such a request puzzling. This person once spent much time here at HRI, using the by-line ‘Worst Stinking Bet of the Day’, enticing, I guess, us degenerates to put a bob or two on his daily selection – imagine doing such at ‘an obscure leftist website. I do like the phrase ‘Claiming Horses Matter’; sure would like a hat with it printed on it.

    Gotta give credit, though, to the author of Worst Stinking … as he did introduce us to a few second-tier racetracks and even went across the pond with a selection. Never bet his picks as I have enough problems coming up with my own.

  18. You know WMC, you really disappoint me sometimes. I’ve gone out of my way to promote smaller tracks, with Video and Selections from Tampa Bay Downs and Laurel Park whenever they race.

    Half the time, at least, I must choose among claiming races. Laurel is very challenging, especially on dirt, but Tampa, whenever I can get a good read in a big-field turf race. It doesn’t matter if they’re claimers, maiden claimers, allowances, MSW or stakes, if I can get a good read and do my video work, it very often pays.

    Tampa turf has been one consistently bright spot all year. Let’s try to be fair with objective observations, not just loyal to those of personal preferences.

    1. “Moe (Greene) and me are good friends, right, Moe (Freddy Corleone explaining to brother Mike at meeting in LV). Moe Greene character based on Brooklyn’s own Benjamin “Bugsy” Seigel)

      1. “Mention it, don’t insist. Barzini is a man who’ll know that without bein’ told.” Quotations taken from The Annotated Godfather-The Complete Screenplay (Tess Press)

  19. John,

    I’ll attempt to bring this thread back to where it started. Racing on TV yesterday was a “magical mystery tour” (a term somebody used to use back in the Newsday days – maybe you or Tony Sisti if I’m not mistaken). I’m in South FL as you are and my viewing day began with FoxSports2 from 1 pm to 2:30, of course featuring Belmont. Then at 2:30 racing on Fox 2 went off air, making way for soccer, rugby, Australian rules football, darts, bocce? I never bothered to check but racing was gone. At 4 pm racing was back on, this time on Fox Sports 1. Later, on a hunch, I decided to check one of the FoxSports Florida stations that televise Heat and/or Panther games. And what do you know. Racing is on one of them, and has been on most of the day. Being occupied with other matters, and not having anything of interest running until Belmont’s later races, I’ve yet to check out today’s obstacle course.

    Never been a lover of TVG, but for many years where else could you turn? Right now they feel minor league but, if present lineups continues to play out, come next winter they’ll likely have Gulfstream, Oaklawn and Santa Anita. And where will dreary, desolate Aqueduct be found – TV 3? Maybe nowhere, and would that be so bad? (I’ve never been a fan of NY winter racing, both on old inner track and on reconfigured Aqueduct of past few cold weather seasons.)


  20. Any of you characters above bet a buck (or dimes) on a plodder today? What was your contribution to the survival of Thoroughbred racing? Hum?

    Mr. Pricci: Your last comment directed at me has me scratching me butt. Which comment above that I wrote are you referring too?

    Am trying to comprehend how the mafia quotes above are gonna help me pick a winner – this is a horseplayer site, right? Well anyway, I just cracked a Foster’s, after watching Rev. Al’s eulogy (both Alice and I were impressed) that will rile the right-wing.

    Quoting Henny Youngman ‘when I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading’. Mr. Jicha, you are getting closer to supplanting Mr. Youngman as the best one-liner; however, ya gotta contribute to achieve that goal here at HRI.

    1. Henny Youngman was in the movie, Goodfellas. He said a rich Texax oilman went to the dentist for a checkup. The dentist looked him over and said he was fine and that there were no cavities. The oilman replied, “drill anyway, I feel lucky today.” Or how about this one: “I was awakened by a loud knocking on my door early one morning to the sound of a person saying, “blind man, blind man.” I opened the door and the person said, “where do you want your blinds, fella?” I like Rodney saying his doctor gave him 3-mos to live. He paid the bill and was given an additional six months. Said to the same doctor that he may want a second opinion. Doctor said, “ok, you’re ugly too.” Horseracinginsider comedy column.

  21. Well, the Tiller Stakes was just run, and, of course, one of two things happened: a) the odds-on favorite won, or b) a bomb won. Today, it was the bomb ($78.50). I know, ya’all had ’em.

  22. TTT

    It is unfortunate that you have stooped to dishonesty, in your comment:

    JP Comment: “This, readers from a man who used to contribute a daily selection, which we posted in the News section, but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted to be recognized as an official contributor and have his selections appear under the Free Race Selections tab reserved for recognized public handicappers.”

    This is not the truth. If you check the “Free Race Selections” tab you will find that you always posted by column there. And by the way, you solicited me to send the “Worst Stinkin’ Bet” on a daily basis, not the other way around. Your senility or incompetence in being unable to properly put my column in the “Free Race Selections” tab each day, caused me to contact you to alert you to the fact that it was not showing up there.

    JP Comment: And do you know why he stopped contributing? Because he said he was “insulted by harness racing selections,” made by The Meadowlands handicapper, author and television analyst, Dave Brower, were included in the FRA and his were not.”

    What a lie. Again, my objection was that I do not want to be associated with harness racing, and you had my column in the Free Race Selections tab along side harness racing persons. It was nothing against “Dave Brower,” or any other harness person. My prerogative. You should get off whatever it is your smoking JP.

    There have been a throng of contributors who have come and gone on this website; I wonder why. And your insult regarding the tab for “recognized public handicappers” is laughable.

    I used to handicap like you JP, back when I was in elementary school.

    It is sad that you have really shown your leftist colors and stooped to disingenuous information, all because I do not like leftists, like you.

    Take care friend.

  23. You know, you’re right. I am getting senile. I forgot that I DID post your stuff in FRA.

    But you loved the attention, you woke me up to the fact the fact that your selection wasn’t posted in a timely fashion, as if I had an obligation. There were also times you needed reminding. To quote from our favorite movie today, small potatoes.

    However, you didn’t leave because you didn’t want harness selections in the same space as yours because it was insulting. You deny this? Then to quote from your favorite party, you lie.

    OK, think we’ve sufficiently bored the rest of the folks here. I’m out of this thread. Good look in the Big P5 carryover at Belmont Friday…

  24. wmcorrow:

    Don’t know about the rest, but I had the $78.50 “bomb” you refer to. How did I come up with this “bomb?” First off, James Lawrence has made a mini-career of coming to NY and winning turf marathons. Check back on I believe it was Classic Empire a year or two back winning a G1 or G2 at Belmont. Secondly, I try to observe and remember. This spring horses shipping from the Fair Hill Training Center (Graham Motion, Arnold Delacour, possibly Michael Stidham, James Lawrence among others) have been on a roll.. Lastly, thanks to the PP’s supplied free of charge by the Daily Racing Form as their Race of the Day, I noted Paret had four works of six furlongs or longer, including two at a mile, within the last month. This horses was primed to run all day and was worth a play at 10-1 or more. Doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s a beautiful thing. If you think I’m red-boarding, I’ll gladly send you a copy of wagers I made today on my KeenelandSelect ADW Account.

    Continuing on, wmc, when you responded to my post of a week or so ago, you wondered if you were one of the “regulars” I was referring to. Most assuredly you are among the most regular, and also the most consistent, even going back to the earlier version of HRI. A post of yours from ten years ago would be identical to one you posted ths week. Good horseplayers can pick winners anywhere. Just this year alone I’ve had winners at Turfway, Tampa, Golden Gate and Will Rogers in addition to the big name tracks. And by the way, you almost had me when responding to a recent post by Tom Jicha you used the word “antipodian.” I thought you were stating that you were against podcasts, but then I wondered if you knew what a podcast was, and so I decided to look up the word. In closing, since I wasn’t there at the beginning and even though I’m savvy about pop culture I don’t which Alice you refer to. Alice’s Restaurant(?), Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore(?), Alice In Wonderland(?). Alice Cooper(?) I ‘m sure you’ll let me know and we can then pop the top off a Fosters and celebrate with a virtual toast.

    Rich Gold

  25. Mr. Gold: Just what am I suppose to say about your post? I guess congratulations is appropriate. What’s a podcast? I’m almost 83 yrs. old and I can’t keep up with the technology. Geez, there is much on the laptop I use that I don’t understand. I do know which end of a horse eats and I do know that claiming races are easier to ‘cap.

  26. TTT

    Yes, JP. Some of us in the world have standards that will not be compromised. Have always felt that harness racing is a completely different sport from thoroughbred racing; the sport of kings, and never the twain shall meet. For the record, I’m also not a fan of “Llama or Camel racing.” The first time a harness article appeared next to mine in the Free Race Selection, I respectfully and kindly asked you to make a separate tab for harness racing, which would solve my problem, not wanting to be associated with, or giving the appearance, that I would advocate such an endeavor. In the alternative, informed you that if you wanted to make a separate tab for my “Worst Stinkin’ Bet,” that would be acceptable as well.

    You declined, and we parted company. With respect to your comment about loving the attention, I received no attention from posting articles on your website. However, I did thoroughly enjoy sharing my thoughts on a certain race each day with people, and hopefully, somebody out there enjoyed it as well. Have never had any advertising on my website, and my agenda with respect to thoroughbred racing has nothing to do with getting “followers.” Consider myself a specialist with respect to thoroughbred racing, knowing more and more about less and less, and to coin a phrase…..this is the business I’ve chosen.

    You have informed me that “harness” was where you got your roots, and I apologize if my views towards harness racing offended you. Have no time to start a war with harness hounds; you do what you gotta do, and I’ll do what I gotta do.

    Top Turf Teddy

    1. TTT,

      A reasoned reply, thank you for that. Wish I had time to accommodate all ideas, sadly do not.

      Meanwhile, go get that P5 hangover!

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