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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL, October 28, 2022 – Here it is, the last chance to pad your Breeders’ Cup stash.

The focus will be on the Belmont at the Big A’s final weekend and the last Saturday program in Lexington prior to the biggest betting dance of all.

We would love to make a small score in Saturday’s run-up to Breeders’ Cup XXXIX but the form in these races we’re considering are all over the place–which also can be the good news.

The races are a mix of horses who are getting good at the right time, or the more accomplished runners who may, or may not, be over the top of condition. Alas…


AWAD STAKES                                                        Race 4

The Skinny: Only seven are entered but we’ve left four open—and maybe I’m forgetting another. Either way, this figures to be a good betting race. Two year olds going long on grass can be that way…

The two we’ll focus on in 8.5 furlong once-around are 2-Sendero (5-1) and 4-Freedom Trail (3-1). The former was ridden by Jose Ortiz to victory in a Colonial sprint as if he knew he was on the best horse, restricted to Virginia-breds. He was. Today he goes long with Prat, never a bad thing.

Freedom Trail impressed because in his two-turn maiden win it seemed he always had a lot two do. He raced greenly after entering stretch 6-7 wide, lugging in but made up ground, showing class late to eke out the win. Irad in the boot today.



STRAIGHT WAGERS and EXOTICA: Exacta Box 2-3-4 [Dandy Handyman, 4-1].  Exacta Box: 2-4-6 [Let’s Go Big Blue, 5-2].  STRAIGHT WIN is Price dependent: 2 or 4.

PUMPKIN PIE STAKES                               Race 8

The Skinny: It’s not difficult identifying the public’s choice: 2-Boston Post Road (9-5) has posted the fastest Thoro-Graph figure two back and goes for Brown/Brant/Prat team.

We, however, will take any value available with 5-Glass Ceiling (5-2), who is dropping after a steady diet of graded company, is a five-time winner at the trip, owns four South Ozone Park wins, and is reunited with winning rider Dylan Davis.

WORTHY FAVORITE:  Boston Post Road


STRAIGHT WAGERS and EXOTICA: Exacta Box 2-4-5. Rolling Doubles 2-5 with 4-Jaxon Traveler (7-2) in the G3 Bold Ruler. Taking Glass Ceiling to win at 5-2 or greater.


BOWMAN STAKES                                                     Race 6

The Skinny:  This juvenile stakes is ungraded and has drawn but a field of seven, yet this is another potentially good betting race.

We’ve got three possibilities at the top of the ticket and a price shot, maybe two, as possible board-hitters. 2-Sir Lancelot (3-1) is 2-for-2 winning by an aggregate 14 3/4s over dirt and a stakes on All-Weather. 3-Quick Hammer (5-2) won a fast race in debut for Brad Cox in New York, and this is a promising spot for stakes credentials.

5-Super Chow (5-1) is a super-fast Florida flyer with plenty of experience, 7-weeks spacing into this, and a strong half-mile from the gate over the track. 6-Hurricane J (8-1) is forward looking and 2-for-2, improving with blinkers 4-Jeremy’s Jet (30-1) has been victimized by tough trips of late.



STRAIGHT WAGERS and EXOTICA: Exacta Box 2-3-5. Trifecta and Superfecta Wheel 2.3.5 // 2.3.5 // // Super Chow to win at 4-1 or greater.

G2 FAYETTE STAKES                                       Race 9

The Skinny: Shug McGaughey at his best with 4-First Captain (6-5). I have no way to beat him. He has been developed patiently, with great spacing, and has improved since blinkers were added three back and his incremental figures improvement is an indication that there’s probably more there-there.

1-West Will Power (4-1) won his prep for this over the track, has run fast enough, draws the pole with Rosario, has a (2) 1-1-0 slate at the trip, and worked strongly with mate 3-Fulsome (3-1) for Cox at his Churchill base.


EARLY LINE VALUE:  West Will Power

STRAIGHT WAGERS and EXOTICA:  Straight Exacta: 4 // 1.3, exacta ticket 4-1. Exacta Key Box: 4 with 1.3. Straight Trifecta 4 // 1.3 // 1.3. Would take First Captain to win with no price restrictions.

Suggested multiple wagers are always at minimums available; straight wagers are in $2 units or greater

this is a live column that will be updated throughout the weekend

Ed Note: The current plan is to have BC Future Stars Friday posted Thursday and Championship Saturday posted on Friday

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16 Responses

  1. So good day to you Sir and your score of fine horses” says McD, as he approaches the well regarded handicapper of Hinsdale.

    “Ahh but they’re not a score McD”, replies Broadway with a smile.

    “I have not a score of horses, nor half a score for you in the fourth at BAA today, but if I had as many more, and half as many more, and only two and a one half more, well then I would have a score. At least that’s what I was taught back in my days back at Bishop Loughlin Brooklyn.”

    Broadway continued his banter “Only seven are entered but we’ve left four open …..

    “Seven, and seven, and half of seven, and two and a half make twenty. Now there’s your score McD.”

    AWAD STAKES Race 4

    The Skinny: Only seven are entered but we’ve left four open—and maybe I’m forgetting another. Either way, this figures to be a good betting race. Two year olds going long on grass can be that way…

    And on and on he went……

    Fast forward of it all, and here’s the condensed read of it all from another Brooklyn educated lad, Nostrand Ave and Carroll Street thank you. Here is my take:

    BAA Race 4 ten cent SF Box 2,3,4,6. Cost $2.40

    BAA Race 8 fifty cent Tri Box 2,4,5. Who doesn’t like Pumpkin Pie? Cost $3

    Change at Jamaica for the Keeneland train.

    Keeneland Race 6 fifty cent Tri 2,3,5//2,3,5//2,3,4,5,6. Cost TBD after checking scratches.

    Duplicate the aforesaid ending 2,3,4,5,6 in the SF if any $$ left. Note to self, quick hit the pocketbook once again while she’s napping, just kidding. Cost TBD

    Race 9

    Who doesn’t love Shug?

    Fifty cent Tri 4//1.3//1.3. Cost only a buck? Repeat wager. Cost $2

    That’s a wrap. Riders Up! Thanks John✌️

    P.S. Ringing a bell for our good friend Indulto. Wherever you may be in your journey, please know that you will be in our collective thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you always our friend!

  2. BAA Race 4 revisited. Positive balance in my wager allocation for the day so in addition to the SF box, I added JRP’s call for $1 ex boxes on 2,3,4 and 2,4,6.

    Seven and seven and half of seven….good and safe journeys to all.

  3. Point taken, McD.

    The process of handicapping and wagering is fluid, or liquid if you will–which hopefully translates to the state of the bankroll as well …

  4. Yesterday betting was a break even for me on Twinspires. I still considered the overall day as a plus however, as I did get out to early vote. I just finished watching Meet The Press this morning, and decided to express a few personal views here on HRI. Thinking about Twitter as well, although I am not an active participant there at all. Anyhoot, wishing not to piss anyone off, as a Veteran, I feel a right to voice my two cents.

    Just back from early voting yesterday, I commented to my wife going into the voting hall, that I felt this may be the last time our vote ever matters again. Scary.

    As for democracy itself, I think it may have ended for me back at the time of the great Financial Crisis. Three former executives from Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs named Geitner, Bernake, and Paulson, collectively decided to initiate TARP. It was agreed that AIG would be saved and Lehmen Brothers would perish, all of the stockholders and employees who would all lose out. AIG would be the backstop for all of Goldman’s credit default swap losses. We The People, the little guys of America, well wewould pack up the tab. So much for democracy.

    What the heck, deception worked well during the Savings and Loan collapse when a plan was put into action during the RR presidency back in the 80’s. None of saw the FDIC limit at 10K increasing to 100K as a threat, and the guys in the suits put their plan into play. The average American family of four back then had a brand new car stolen from their driveway, and we never even had chance to hold the keys. F’em when we’re sleeping was all. Well, over the subsequent years, we all paid for that deception and car in increased taxes.

    Back to Goldman Sachs and where we stand today. None of the Goldman guys above by the way were ever elected into public office, yet somehow not even the Supreme Court could override their actions. So went Democracy. Lesson learned is that Big Money always wins. The very same people who screwed everything in the first place going into the GFC were paid a second commission to re-do everything. Amazing is all. Nothing was ever really fixed back then, which is why we are all screwed once more today. Instead of a stockmarket positions being marked to true market value, everything was simply valued and marked to what the guys in the suits simply said everything was worth, and the wheel of fortune was back on track for all to play with once more.

    Biden did not create today’s runaway inflation, it has been both parties printing money that we didn’t t have for over twenty years. Inflation today was not created in two years. Period.

    Same crap with our vote today Going forward, when the Democratic Party loses the house, it will be because democrats simply don’t show up when needed. After this election, our vote may only count if the guys in the suits says it counts.

    Where can we move to get away from the madness? Where you live it could be worse. If someone were to mention the name of Dr. King in a Fla classroom for example, and anyone were to object, well that teacher in Florida loses their license to teach? WTF?

    It is far from being only about Donald Trump. Just look at the extremeism that surrounds us all. Whatever happened to the centrist for the good of America in both parties?

    Wish it were better. Sad times we live in. Praying that Lincoln’s Better Angels will arrive on election day. If the youth of the Democratic Party turns out and votes, there is still a chance for reinstalling civility.

    Suggest that Democrats drop the negative and simply emphasize the importance of simply having your voice recorded. Short of that, we have only ourselves to blame. Shame on all of America allowing the prospect of our republic to slip away.

  5. Dennis, so much to unpack it’s overwhelming. Some thoughts in response: To me, even if Dems hold both houses, the American we grew up in is gone. There are already over 100 lawsuits ti place set to question the results. Lose faith in the vote, in truth, and rule of law, and democracy is already dead, save the process.

    The 80s is right. Forgiveness for the credit default swaps with one scapegoat while the rest virtually were made whole. Two more names to go along with POTUS 40; Newt Gingrich and Gordon Gekko of “greed is good” fame. Oh, and don’t want to give the Kochs short shrift. They spent billions to dumb down America. It might have taken three decades, but here we are. How TF can the Senate Georgia race be so close.

    Drumpf normalized hate, promising to pay legal fees-as if he ever paid his bills, going back to those same 80s-if supporters at his rallies “beat the crap out of them,” or “punch ’em in the face.” Media supporters who became millionaires that would use cultural hate to categorize Sandy Hook as a hoax–those poor parents. Insurrection denialism to match as if no one could believe their lyin’ eyes on JAN 6.

    Know what McD? I see video of the coup attempt, and I still can’t believe what I just aw, to paraphrase Jack Buck. I could go on ad nauseum but won’t; two final thoughts:

    One the minority leader threatening to shut down the government if POTUS doesn’t make cuts to Social Security and Medicare,
    something a virtually non-existent middle class needs to survive. And they want to make the economy and issue. Won’t support sensible gun legislation forever and want to blame crime on the current administration? I this toxic environment?

    Then, of course, “there are good people on both sides,” just like there are in Russia, Turkey, North Korea. Normalizing hate of the other. For blacks in America, let’s call it 1619. But for Jews one would need to go back to Roman times, at least.

    Extreme nationalism and autocracy has always started with antisemitism. Hate of the other is out in the open, alive and well in too much of the population. It all weighs so heavily.

    Thank heavens that the Breeders’ Cup post draw is tomorrow. I think you and I both can use an intellectually challenging distraction for everyday life in 2022 America. #GodBlessDemocracy

    1. McD & John: It’s time again for the conservative side to respond. There’s no need for me to provide a lengthy rebuttal to your discourse – your minds are already made up – so I’ll keep this short.

      Suffice to say that I’m on the opposite side of your political spectrums along with approximately one-half of the HRI loyalists. Clearly, selective outrage is your game. You can’t possibly be too thrilled with the Democratic leadership in Washington which in less than 2 years of Biden’s term has driven us to the brink of disaster. Just wishing that a Sea of Red arrives to restore some normalcy in our lives in 8 days hence.

      John, will always greatly respect your opinion on horseracing but will “elect” to look elsewhere for political guidance.

      1. That’s your prerogative, sir, to defend the indefensible. But I respect your opinion and contribution as one does in a free society.

        This only happens because, thank the Deity, we still live in a Democracy…for the time being, anyway.

        1. Democracy is slipping away very quickly, John, under this Administration. The President is a figurehead, spending more time in DE than DC. He’s not even out on the campaign trail today (President Obama is handling that chore). Crime is rampant, the border situation is tragic, inflation is out of control, Fentanyl deaths are spiraling, U.S. oil production has been stopped in its tracks, education losses are mounting and electric cars are supposed to be in our immediate future ??? Do I need to go on. The Dems used to have some intelligent ideas. Those days have long since passed. The extreme left has seized control of your once-proud Party and its future. If all this can happen in just 22 months, what’s to take place in the next 26 months if Dems remain in control ??? Perish the thought !!!

          1. Yes or no. Mr. Moore: Your response to these are simple questions that will help me understand your political views
            Are you an 2020 election denier?
            Do you believe violence should replace voting for public office?
            Do you believe JAN 6 was a failed coup?
            Please, just a simple yes or no. Thanks…

  6. Why can’t NYRA call it Aqueduct and leave it at that ? The official name of the New York track for the past 8 weeks is an unnecessary complication that creates an impediment to gaining new fans. Try to explain it to a novice. “Well, it’s like this, Belmont usually runs horse races at this time of year, but Belmont is closed for renovations, so the racing is at Aqueduct, but to distinguish it from a regular Aqueduct meet, they call it Belmont at the Big A”.

    Novice fan, if still interested, asks “Does that mean they have an Aqueduct at the Big B” ?

    Today, did the NFL call the London venue “TIAA Bank Field at Wembley Stadium” ?

    Who at NYRA came up with such inane gobbledygook ?

  7. Good people on both sides indeed. The only items of apparel missing that day were the hoods of previous historical gatherings. A meeting of the members in the current time allows for real patriots to have their identities completely uncovered. MAGA headware now negates the need of any robes or hoods. Simply follow the leadership. “I’ll be marching with you.”

    Attention diverted, the assaults against the centrists of society will continue unabated. God help us.

  8. Dan, this is not unusual or unique situation limited to New York. For many years I recall, the early winter meet in Florida prior to JAN 1 opener the following year, the Fall meet, if you will, was the Tropical at Calder, or Tropical at Gulfstream, whatever, following the closure of the old Tropical Park.

    Racing has problems relating to new, would-be fans, no doubt, but I personally don’t see this as a major obstacle…

  9. John, my responses to each of your 3 questions posed above are “No.” The Reply Tab did not appear under your message so I’ll post it here.

    My turn. Your replies will help me to better understand your political views. Just provide a simple “Yes” or “No” to these questions:

    Are you better off overall now than you were in January, 2021 when President Biden took office ???

    Do you acknowledge any long-term accomplishments during the Trump Presidency ???

    Do you expect to remain active on Twitter following the company’s acquisition by Elon Musk ???

    Do you support the Adminstration’s open-door policy at our Southern Border ???

    Would you support a Congressional investigation of the business activities of President Biden and Hunter Biden ???

    Thank You.

    1. I should have known better than to ask and continue to engage on this subject.

      Based on your response, that you don’t believe in violence over voting, I can applaud.

      However, if JAN 6 was not a failed coup, a violent insurrection, then what was it?

      I choose to believe my lying eyes: phone and email testimony in the days leading up and day of; the insurrection planning session held in a DC hotel JAN 5 with high level and officials and advisors, that what happened the next violent day was simply an extension of first amendment rights that got out of hand, I believe the midterms are a true inflection point representing an existential threat to American democracy.

      This is not about same-old, same-old policy talking points.

      Time has come to dig in to the B Cup PPs now that posts have been drawn.

      I should have known better. The fissure in American politics is too wide, the level of hate and violence as policy as a gateway to power in a post truth era to overwhelming makes honest dialogue impossibly futile..

      I’m praying for my country, reasonable American citizens, and especially all the children going forward. As for discourse, I’m out.

      1. JP, there is no need for you to reply to this message. Please feel free to return to your review of the BC Past Performances. But a few comments need to be made here first.

        McD started the political discussion, you jumped in and I replied with the opposite viewpoint. All is OK provided that you control the entire narrative. Differing opinions are not appreciated here – even when I was only following your format. All that you were asked to do in my previous message was to similarly respond with Yes and No answers. Full explanations were not solicited.

        Be assured that I never originate the political discussion in HRI. I step in only when I have something important that needs to be said. What I’ve discovered today (and it affirms most earlier findings), is that the Left rants, gets asked questions, cherry-picks which ones they will answer and then leaves the room when the conversation is not going their way. OK by me.

        Lastly, Democrats currently control the Chief Executive position, House and Senate (via VP tie-breaker) and have run the nation off the rails in less than 22 months. I’m expecting that the House and Senate will rightly be returning to the Republicans in seven days.

        Best of luck with your BC handicapping.

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