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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


Don’t know why, but the subconscious is hinting that even money might be available on Tiz the Law. If so, we’re all in.

Along with that, because I believe in putting myself in a position to get lucky, we will key box the Belmont favorite with honest, hard hitting Sole Volante (9-2) and price shot Farmington Road (15-1).

If straight odds are too prohibitive, we will key Tiz the Law first over the exacta horses mentioned above, and add Tap It to Win (6-1), Modernist and Pneumatic (8-1) to the super-exotics mix.

Further, will make a saver win wager on Farmington Road at 10-1 or greater.

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10 Responses

  1. If I got it right, you are key boxing using six of the ten blue bloods entered in the BS. Never have understood just what ‘the super-exotic mix’ bet is. I note that Pletcher and Asmussen train four of ’em – two of the the three usual suspects in the ‘big’ stake races.

    You are using my pick to my surprise: Pneumatic. Been watching the Royal Ascot races and caught one winner; no not the third race, but the fifth. Will put a few bucks on Pneumatic simply to have something going in the shortened, normally last leg of the once jewel of Thoroughbred racing: the Triple Crown, now tarnished.

  2. Not sure what I didn’t get right, but I I believe Dr. Post ruined your desire to ‘get lucky’. The race was a thriller wasn’t it? Four length lead at the top of the stretch. Maybe you tossed Dr. Post into the ‘super-exotic mix’, I dunno. A lot of people got to cash a ticket, though; unfortunately the payoffs were minimal. I hope a horseplayer somewhere cashed a ticket equal to the cash the owner of the eighth placed horse received ($20,000) beaten 21 lengths (golly, Alice NBC could have run a commercial before Farmington Road staggered across the finish line).


    Claiming horses matter!

    1. I know this will ruin your Father’s Day, but our $18 P4 investment returned $427, so some luck was had…

      And here’s something else, would not even would have mentioned that because I don’t gloat, I think it’s poor form and hate when others do it. But you made a snarky comment below the P4 column and it’s disingenuous to point out the loss and not credit the win.

      You know what disingenuous means, right Alice?

      McD, you’ll never got through to this man. Don’t bother engaging; he loves pushing buttons.

      Wendell, think it’s time for one of your unscheduled sabbaticals. Days are getting too short for this kind of crap!

  3. Wendell, The cost on John’s recommended 50 cent P4 ticket today was $18, with singles in both race 9 & 10, with several runners in both races 11 &12. This was not a reckless P.T. Barnum type wager, but it was in fact was the very same product offered with his Totebusters analysis for subscribers which I had wagered and cashed on a several times
    At any rate, today’s 50 cent P4 spread between races 9 thru 12 cost $18 and tthe ticket returned $475. That’s a lot of Foster’s and Pastrami sandwiches. Think you owe John an apology. You have been around John for many years more than most at HRI. You know deep down in your heart the man is nothing but honest.- McD

    P.S. The money the big money steal is way less than at the track. Try peeling back the onion on Wall Street and the Fed. Who do you think is on the hook for all the fabricated IOU at the federal Reserve. The Super rich targel Wall St not Main St. When they come up short you and I are on the hook Wendell. John as well. That’s the really rigged game you should be pissed about. Right now your Fed is buying up junk bond in crap failed businesses with your money. Forget about the takeout at the track. While you kick back with a beer and pastrami, they’re robing you blind. 5:00AM to 9:00AM. F’em when they’re sleeping. Goodnight my friend.

  4. McD: Apologize for what? I replied to Mr. Pricci’s comment above. He did not mention a pick four above and neither did I. Where did I make an erroneous statement or denigrate Mr. Pricci? You are bring over to this FRA commentary from another location written by Mr. Pricci; the fact that he used a scatter gun to select numerous horses per race, endured takeout on each ticket, and bet against himself does not demonstrate to me a horseplayer using acquired handicapping skills to select a winner, but one merely chasing a pick four; his approach to the pick four was no different that a newbie or casual better – just play numbers and look skyward as the blue bloods turn for home. Please note that at the other location I wrote ‘sure you may win the pick four tomorrow ….’

    I don’t wish to comment on your rant on Wall Street and the Feds, as I would write volumes (notice I wrote would, not could Alice). Where to start would be difficult for me.

  5. You horseplayers, who love stake races, put Happy Saver on your watch list. The colt was impressive winning the 5th at Belmont. Pletcher has what Mr. Pricci often refers to as a ‘good’ blue blood in his barn.

  6. Correction: John’s Scatter Gun Wager only paid $427.75 Mea Culpa. “My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.”

    Happy Father’s Day to All The HRI Old Timer Curmudgeons and All Fathers as well.

    The sign at the theatre says: “Tonight, Herschel the Magnificent Jew – 8 o’ clock”. So the fella decides to go take in the show. At 8 o’ clock, Herschel comes out in a dressing gown, takes it off and he is stark naked from head to foot. In between his legs is the biggest member you have ever seen. Herschel walks over to a table where there are 3 walnuts. He takes his member and he smashes each one in turn, to smithereens! The crowd go wild.

    20 years later the fella is in the same city and he sees the same theatre and unbelievably, the same sign: “Tonight, Herschel the Magnificent Jew – 8 o’ clock”. So he decides he must see this again to see if it is really the same thing he saw 20 years ago. Sure enough, at 8 o’ clock, Herschel comes out in a dressing gown, takes it off and he is stark naked from head to foot. In between his legs he still has the biggest member you have ever seen. Herschel walks over to a table where there are 3 coconuts. He takes his member and he smashes each one in turn, to smithereens! The crowd go wild again.

    Of course, the fella decides he must see Herschel after the show and when he meets him he says “Herschel, 20 years ago, I saw your act. It was amazing but it was with walnuts. 20 years on, it’s coconuts; what changed?” and Herschel says…

    “My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be!”

  7. WMC, I’m hoping that you stay in here as a commentator. Will post another message soon in John’s column that begins “For New York-Breds Everywhere . . .”

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