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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By HRI Foreign StaffHorses are one of the most majestic and amazing animals on this planet. In terms of equestrian, there are many types of horse-riding sports. One of the most popular around the globe is horse racing. Have you always been fascinated by horseracing, and would like to know more about what it takes to become a real-life jockey? Well, you have come to the right place.

Doing any sport of equestrian requires riding experience. Let’s assume you already have this, and now want to try something in sports that include horses. As a jockey you will need a competitive mind, and be prepared to use strength as well as concentration, and be ready for a very fast-paced sport. It’s not something that happens overnight, and you will need lots of practice and training. You will have to know a lot about horses, the races and much more. You will also need the right equipment with time, breeches, saddles, and a lot of other things. 



What duties to expect as a jockey

As a jockey you will attend several competitions and events, where you will be racing. This means regular training when you’re not competing. Your training will include being able to analyze your competitors (horses and jockeys) so you know what you’re up against. A lot of self-evaluation with your private trainers is also what you can expect. Watching videos of your performance to know where to improve next time is standard. Maintenance of your jockey equipment is also essential. This means both yours and the equipment for the horse.

What does it take to become a jockey?

We have explained a bit about what to expect from being a jockey, but it’s important to know it’s hard work. Experienced jockeys know a lot about both breeds, horse breeding, training, and stable work. As a jockey you must be fit and quite athletic, as it is a physical sport.

Who can teach you how to become a jockey?

There are several ways to become a jockey. The best way is to look for a trainer, who can teach you the skills. Becoming a jockey does not happen fast though, so be prepared for it to take time, if not years. A jockey trainer can be found in several places, but you might need to do a bit of searching. There are also jockey schools, where you can get skills as well.

5 steps to becoming a jockey

Even though we have explained quite a bit about the profession, this might be easier to read through, when considering your new career.

1.     Be comfortable at riding horses. If you don’t have experience yet with horse riding, you should first learn it first, before the next step

2.     Do proper research about what it takes to become a jockey

3.     Find a jockey trainer, do an internship or attend a jockey school

4.     Beginner races – this is so you learn how races operate

5.     Step into the real competing jockey world.


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  1. Or just read, follow about classy ,veteran jockeys like Dettori and J Velasquez, one, F. Dettori, finally affirming that he will retire after next year and the other, JV, more than likely will soon announce a similar finale, not in 2023 but soon after. Two athletes that i have compared through the years even if one is more enthusiastic that the other ,but they’ve both slowing down and racing only in big races with longtime friends/trainers. Winning at a 20% lifetime clip is not too shabby after so many thousands of races in several continents. They both still look fit, healthy in a sport that could be life changing in split seconds. How to [Dream] to be such a successful, respected jockey ? Watch these two masters at their craft !…If only one could just learn from that.. but at least you could dream for a few precious seconds… Remember JV, as most NY racing fans affectionately call him, when he was a bug, under the tutelage of Angel Cordero with Velasquez, another great NY area rider, trying to compete against Cordero, even if they were longtime friends [ and maybe related ? } .Again, You Had to be there, Forty plus years ago…Geesh , has it been that long? Best wishes to all along with a healthy attitude.

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