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The Conscience of Thoroughbred Racing


By Top Turf TeddyThe Prince of Pace — “Worst Stinkin’ Bet of the Day” for Saturday, January 4, 2020, will be in the  8th Race at Fair Grounds.

Today’s Tip from TeddyCheaters never prosper.

Worst Stinkin’ Game?

Horses sort themselves out on the racetrack, within their current physical limitations and human counterpart interference.  They know who’s who and what’s what.  Most handicappers attempt to sort them out based upon criteria available to them, mainly in the past performance record.  Those human counterparts do everything they can, inside and outside the rules, in an attempt to bolster a horse’s performance, usurping the God-given ability each horse was given. 

Those “rules” designed to protect the horse and public, have devolved or changed to the point where racing would fit right in at the Downs at Sodom and Gomorrah.  Jockeys play bumper cars and veer in front of other horses, claiming they could not control the horse, all the while claiming if you take away the whip, they will not be able to control the animal. 

Trainers and owners join groups to advocate the drugging of the animals, the same people who have been fined or suspended for illegal drug violations.  Stewards, put in place as referees to police the races, are political appointees, many who know little about the intricacies of the game; in the modern day, more like social workers, than enforcers. 

With some of their rulings, think they are the ones who should be drug tested.  It is no surprise that leftist social justice groups attack the industry, an industry that refuses to police itself, and bring back sanity to what once was the Sport of Kings.  To an outsider, how could all this not be looked upon as a completely debauched endeavor?  Easy game, wouldn’t you say; good luck getting new players, and keeping the old ones.  May the horse be with you all.

Today’s “Worst Stinkin’ Bet of the Day” is 4-Chess Chief, who ran acceptably in the Travers back in August, and was given a few months off, returning in December.  Dwarfs these in the class department, beginning his 4-year old career in the easiest of spots.  Only threat may be the Drug Lord of the 600’s horse, 2-Aurelius Maximus, who returned in November after a year away.  Him, combined with the probability of being odds on, may want you to find greener pastures or another game.  Chess anyone?

4-Chess Chief – The “Worst Stinkin’ Bet of the Day”

2-Aurelius Maximus

No. Horse Race 8   M/L   TTT
4 Chess Chief 14.068581945   6/5   2.05
2 Aurelius Maximus 5.021694936   5/2   5.75
3 Jefe 3.157957122   10   9.14
7 Chase the Ghost 2.668772113   6   10.81
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